#Transgirlfitness is our new initiative for transitioning women looking to maximise the benefits of diet, fitness and lifestyle for a successful transition.

The page is a fully supported by fitness coachs and a number of experts on diet and nutrition, mental health and lifestyle who are also trans women themselves.

These women, with their unique perspectives from their own transitions are an incredible resource for our community and more than happy to share their knowledge and ideas via the Facebook Group that is linked to our main page.

Within the #transgirlfitness group, you’ll find a range of posters, exercise regimes and short videos, to inform and motivate you, as well as a support network of women sharing ideas and messages from their own personal journeys.  You’ll also find links to products which you can buy from ourselves and partner organisations to help you make the most of your transition.

We’d love for you to join in and be part of this community. Come on, let’s start a movement !!!  Look for the image below, coming to you throughout 2018 !!