Spank or Treat 2014 With #EvilMistressKate

spank or treat

So, today was kindof an unusual day – sat at home, chatting to friends on whatsapp (I’m so techno) when I get an email saying that I’ve been made an ambassador for something called “Spank or Treat 2014″…………

Immediately suspecting I was about to get the offer of a lifetime from a long lost relative in Nigeria who only needed a small donation to unlock a sizeable fortune, I was preparing to consign the email to the spam folder when I spotted the senders email address…………  None other than the wooden spoon loving, cookie baking, granny knitting (yes you read that right – I’m not sure either) , closet shoe lover (OMG, I’d say get a room, but she has one, full of shoes)  – Anastasia Vitsky……..

Intrigued, I opened the email with the wonder of a small kid expectant of the surprise that awaited..  It seemed that I had been nominated by Ameliah to join in Anastasia’s Halloween event on Facebook “Spank or treat”.  Even as Naïve as I am, this didn’t sound like the kindof Halloween party I was used to, so I visited the Facebook event page (There’s a link at the bottom of this blog post) intrigued. 

A quick scan through the posts and it turns out that its a book Halloween book event !!! (Cue relief) there are a number of authors and reviewers participating, answering questions and spreading the word .  Even better there’s going to be prizes and book giveaways !!!!! (Cue YAY – FREE STUFF !!!)  So why not come along and say hi ?  If you like you can come and join me sat in the corner being all shy, wondering what is going on, or even better, join in, have some fun, make some new friends and maybe even win some cool stuff.  Sounds a lot better than what you were going to do ……………………………..

If you’re on Facebook, you can catch the event at the below link

Word is Anastasia is even preparing a book……