Perfume 1I thought I would write a little today about perfume. As women, when we think of beauty, we tend to automatically think of skin care regimes and make up.  But for me, an essential that you should also consider as part of your beauty regime is perfume.  Why would I say that ? Well, I think that perfume is something that augments our image, in a different way to makeup.  When I get made up, I’m putting on a face for the world to see (and hide my wrinkles) but perfume has always seemed to me to be a more personal affair, something that I wear to express my personality in a subtle way and something that I carry around with me, for me.  I guess what I’m saying is that its more about how you look, it’s about how you smell !!! Scent is strongly linked to our emotions as women and the right perfume can make us feel anything from incredibly feminine to alluring sexy.

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