My interests

Beaumont Society

Although the transgender community in the UK benefits from more accepting times now, there is still much work to be done to deliver true diversity and equality.  The Beaumont Society is the longest running  Trans organisation in the UK, who, along with a number of other organisations promote equality and diversity for trans people through mutual support, education and activism.

Beauty Flapper

Beauty Flapper is run by an amazing friend of mine – the absolutely gorgeous and wonderful Zoe Pimblett. If you’re looking to find out about Beauty products in the your local area of the UK – this site is an absolute must !!  I love the speakeasy idea as well – definitely worth a visit on its own !!

Read the Rainbow

Read the Rainbow is a LGBT fiction review site run by Caitlin Ricci, an author friend of mine.  If you’re into Lesbian Fiction or F/F romance as it is sometimes called, its well worth a look at to see what should be on your kindle !!!

Womens Toollbox

The Womens toolbox is run by the lovely Janet Powers and is literally packed full of amazing ideas for women looking to start their own business, network, share ideas and build community programmes such as charities etc.  Well worth a visit.

2 thoughts on “My interests

  1. Joanna
    A big thank you for sharing your story! I can relate to much of what you have written about your life. It’s not easy being transgendered and having been outed to my family and facing the recriminations of such, I am firmly in the closet in order to avoid any more recriminations!
    I have never been out whilst Suzy but would like be to but have my family as a priority and they have made it least that my female side will never be accepted!
    I hope your life is more on track and I’m sorry for all the bad you have experienced through your life. I hope you are now able to live more openly as Joanna and that you have found acceptance at work and in love! I also hope that one day you can build bridges with your family and that they can accept their daughter/sister for who and what you are!
    Thanks again for sharing you with me! It is nice to know I am not unique

    Love Suzy

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