Links to my friends

Beautiful lady - beautiful smile
Beautiful lady – beautiful smile

Suzie Carr –

You can’t really say much more than “Suzie Rocks”  Not only is she an amazingly talented writer (she’s the reason I bought my kindle) but she’s just a lovely friend and beautiful person to have in your life.  You can catch up with her latest musings at the above blog – or better yet, enter her world by reading her books through Amazon.  Perfect Sundays await you !!

diane marina

Diane Marina –

Diane has created some really lovely books since she began writing and they’re really worth adding to your kindle.  Visit Amazon and download one of her short stories for your morning commute and lose yourself in a good read.

Christine Macdonald

Christine MacDonald –

Christine is just frickin wow, this is one of, if not my favourite blog.  I totally love to read this on a Sunday morning in bed as the day slowly wakes up and gets into gear.  Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without it. She can move you in so many different ways and really make you think about, challenge and test yourself in such a positive way, by using the humility and lessons of her own experiences. I’ve a total #girlcrush on her and not just not ashamed to admit it. I’m proud of it.


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