Links to my friends

I’m really lucky to have some amazing people around me and even luckier to be able to call some of them friends. Better than that, close personal friends, who I can call on and bawl my eyes out to when I need it most, or just chat to about things that are on my mind.   Why not take a look below and check out their websites to share what makes them so special to me ?

Suzie Carr

Beautiful lady - beautiful smile
Beautiful lady – beautiful smile

What can I say about this lovely woman ?  You can’t really say much more than “Suzie Rocks”  !!!!  Not only is she an amazingly talented writer (she’s the reason I bought my kindle) but she’s just a lovely friend and beautiful person to have in your life. Suzie’s a writer, broadcaster, philanthropist, dog lover and has the most adorable accent you could ever wish to hear.  Yes, ok, I admit, I’m a fan !!!  But you should be too,   She’s a really talented bunny and so likeable !!!  She also introduced me to one of my favourite characters “Hope Steele” in the wonderful book “inner secrets” – why not check out her website and amazon pages by clicking on the links ?

If you’re into Facebook or would like to see what people are saying about her work, you can also catch her on Goodreads too.  Well worth checking out – you’ll be so glad you did !!!

Diane Marina

diane marinaIf “#Suzierocks” then “#Dianesparkles” Diane has created some really lovely books since she began writing and they’re really worth adding to your kindle.  She is such a gifted writer, she wrote my favourite short story “Landslides” which is a book I’ve read more times than I can remember and probably less than it deserves.  She has also contributed to a number of anthologies and has two of the most enjoyable full length books you would wish to read “how still my love” and “Imperial Hotel”.  If you would like to know more about this precious talent or even buy her books, you can catch up with her at her website or Amazon author page.  Well worth it, I’m sure you’ll even thank me later !!

Christine Macdonald

Christine Macdonald

Christine is just so frickin wow, this is one of, if not my favourite blogs.  I totally love to read this on a Sunday morning in bed as the day slowly wakes up and gets into gear.  Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without it. She can move you in so many different ways and really make you think about, challenge and test yourself in such a positive way, by using the humility and lessons of her own experiences. I’ve a total #girlcrush on her and not I’m not ashamed to admit it, Hell,  I’m proud of it !!!!  I even told her about it.  Her response ? “If you weren’t dizzy from wearing such high heels, I’d tell you to get over it”.  Hilarious, full of sass, honesty and totally unafraid to put herself out there, she’s a really special person.  Find her, follow her and love her.  She’s also writing a memoir from her time as a pole dancer.  I can’t wait.