Kendra Brill Inc

In 2018 I was thrilled to be able to sell the Kendra Brill Inc group of companies to the YNotbU family. Getting to join YNotbU as their Patron and Director of Training is a wonderful opportunity for me and one that I am relishing the challenges of.

Although there are a number of benefits to me in joining YNotbU, I’m particularly excited for the opportunity to incorporate my message and experiences into YNotbU’s training material. As was evidenced by our recent presentation on Gender Diversity in China, this is an area where there is still so much work to be done across the world and the importance of sharing well researched material, augmented by personal experiences for the next generation is something that I’m particularly passionate about.

I cant wait to get started on this new stage of my journey and being part of this great team. Bring on 2018 !




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