Kendra Brill Inc

Kendra Brill – YNotbU Patron

Kendra Brill Inc is our American Advocacy and Training Service which we formed following our acquisition of Kendra’s business in January 2018.

As part of this acquisition, Kendra became Patron of theYNotbU Charity and represents us within the USA.  In this role, she presents Training and Advocacy on the subjects of Transgender Diversity, Gender Equality, Transgender Abuse Survival and Recovery.

All material is based on our core training material pack, which is customised to reflect differences between the USA and UK Transgender communities by sharing Kendra’s personal experiences and first hand perspectives.  We can deliver either be in the form of a TED talk, half day or full day presentation with role playing scenarios and workshops.  

From our base in Ridgeley Virginia, Kendra speaks nationwide at events, pride weekends and also works with our friends at Transortium, for whom we are proud to be a Founding Angel and UK partner.

For more information or to make a booking, please go to our Facebook Page, where you can see details of forthcoming events, share contact details or get in touch.



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