Home exercise kit for Transgender Women

Let’s be honest, we might make new years resolutions, with good intentions, but not all of us can afford to go to the gym, me might not even want to at the end of the working day.  Heck, sometimes, we might not even be able to find the time in our schedules to exercise.

Well lady, I’ve got news for you ! There’s no need for those excuses.  There’s some great kit out there these days which mean you can exercise at home just as effectively, making the most of your time, saving money along the way AND if that wasn’t enough, you can even choose your own TV channel (Shhhh, I won’t tell if you don’t)

But what kit should you buy ?  Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you ladies, so why not take a look and get yourself fit this year in the comfort of your own home ?  For the cost of a months gym membership (£65) We’re going to get your home gym started with some great kit for a great workout !!

Item 1 – Dumb bells (£14.99 Amazon)

Dumb Bells

First things first, we’re going to need some weights. Nothing major, but we just need something for our muscles to feel some resistance and work against to give us a good tone and shape.

These weights are a good starting kit for a novice and beginner alike and at this price are an absolute bargain !  I really like the colour idea too – allows you to easily identify which weight is which, without having to look at each of them individually


Item 2 – Stability Ball £16.99 (Amazon)

exercise ball 2
Stability ball

A stability ball is muts for some of the exercises I’ll be sharing with you and they also help to improve your core strength and stability.  They’re also good to sit on every now and again instead of an office chair.  Seriously ! Try it, it can really help stop you slouching and having back pain.

It even stops you doing that weird roll along the floor thing when someone calls you over (that I know you do) plus it’s also fun to take your ball to a meeting and watch everyones faces when they see !

Item 3 – Yoga Mat (£7.99 – Amazon)


Yoga mat
Yoga Mat –

Yoga is a great exercise for clearing the mind and body – I’m a huge fan of its benefits. Low impact, accessible to people of all ages and abilities, there’s really not much to like about it (well maybe one thing, but that’s a whole different story of embarrassment on my part)

Although you can do it without a mat, in my view, its better if you have one.  It adds to the ceremony of performing the exercise and getting you in the right mindset for a good session.  It also doubles as a great camping matt for all those summer music festivals I know you love !

Item 4 – Yoga block (£7.99 – Amazon)

Yoga block
Yoga blocks

If you’re going to have a yoga mat, you really need a yoga block.  They’re not just used for support during your session, but they can also help you achieve some of the posture positions which your practice will involve at some point.

Although I have shown rectangular ones here, they come in a variety of shapes, so its more a case of personal preference and comfort, but in general, most people will prefer these or the round ones.


Item 5 – Infuser water bottle (£7.99 – Amazon)

water bottle
Infuser water bottle

Another thing I am a huge fan off is infused water.  You may have heard all the raving in the exercise world about the benefits of drinking lemon water, but if not, it’s worth taking a look. Although there are lots to choose from  (my friend swears by adding strawberries) my personal favourite is lemon or lime.  try it for a month.

You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel and the difference it makes to your skin – promise !


Item 5 – Massage Balls (£7,99 – Amazon)

massage balls
Massage balls

One of the most important parts of any exercise regime is the post exercise warm down and taking care of your body.  Even if you are lucky enough to be young when you are going through your transition, there’s still huge benefit in allowing your muscles to calm down afterwards.

Spiky balls like these have a relaxing and stimulating effect on the muscles, depending on the pressure you use and I promise you, after a day on your feet, the joy you can feel from just rolling your soles across one of them a few times has to be felt to be believed !


So that’s it ! £65 for a new you – how does that sound to you ?  We’ll get into buying some more equipment later, but for now, this will be enough to give you a good work out and toning.



transgirlfitness 4

Indoor workouts for Transgender women

Joanna popped me an email earlier this week to ask if I could come up with an indoor workout for Transgender women, who maybe aren’t able to, or maybe lack the confidence to exercise in the gym, with the peer pressure that can come with it.  Well, what girl could say no to an offer like that ? So after a bit of research about their needs, I managed to come up with this simple routine which allows you to sculpt and shape your body fat to give you a more feminine image.

What you’ll need

  • Stability Ball
  • 3 pairs of small dumbell weights – I’d suggest a 2.5, 4 and 6 kg sets if you’re a beginner and maybe a 4, 6 and 8 kg if you’re a little more experienced.  We don’t want to build up muscle mass, we just need something to give us a good core, for our posture and curvy bits in all the right places eh ?
  • Some ordinary common household furniture.  (more of that later……..)

(1) Elevated Squats


Elevated squats (sometimes called Bulgarian squats) are a great exercise to do in a home workout and have some really positive benefits.

  • Enhances hip flexibility.
  • Its a good fat burner.
  • You can increase weight without making the back compress.
  • Builds and develops your abs and core.
  • Improves posture


How to do it

Referring to Picture (A) Extend your left leg back, placing toes on top of a normal height chair  while standing a few feet in front of it with the right leg (you don’t want to use a sofa here because its too soft to push against). Dip down into a lunge, keeping the right knee in line with your heel, until the thigh is parallel to the floor.  Referring to Picture (B) Hold this position and then slowly push up with the left leg to return to an upright position.  Repeat five times.    As you get more used to it, you can add difficulty to the exercise by adding more repetitions (reps) and by holding a dumbbell weight in each hand when you are dipping.

(2) Standing shoulder press

shoulder push
The Standing Shoulder Push

Although you can also do this exercise sitting down (which allows you to press more weight) my personal belief is that its better for transgender women to do it standing up.  My reasons for this are that, you don’t want to increase your muscle mass or bicep measurements, (So there’s no need to add weight) you want to reduce fat and sculpt your body shape.


Also doing the exercise standing upright allows you to improve your core stability, which will help with your posture, which is particularly important when waling in heels ! (Am I right girls ?)

How to do it

Referring to Picture (A) While standing with your legs ahip width apart take a  2.5kg dumbbell in each hand at shoulder height.  then bend your knees and dip into as deep a squat as you can/  The key here is to keep your knees in line with your heels and toes. Referring to picture (B) on the way back to standing, press the arm holding the dumbbell straight up into the air over head.  Repeat 5 times.  Unlike last time, where you could add more weight to the exercise, I wouldn’t personally add more, certainly don’t lift more than the 4kg one, just do more reps !

(3) One leg (Romanian) dead lifts 

dead lift
The one legged dead lift

This is a great exercise for improving your balance and strengthening your hamstrings and gluteals (the posterior chain of muscles) If you get  have difficulty balancing, place a hand against a wall to steady you for the first two times you try this exercise and get your confidence.  Once you have got your confidence, you can then try lifting small weights.  (Remember,, we are not trying to build up muscle mass, just tone and sculpt our figures and help the HRT balance our fat correctly.

How to do it

Referring to Picture (A) To start with . stand with your legs a hip width apart with either the 2.5kg or 4kg dumbbell in each hand at your sides. Bend forward from the waist while allowing the hands to flow freely towards the floor. Meanwhile, lift one leg off the floor until it is in line with your torso, eventually coming parallel to the floor, as shown in Picture (B).  Move back to regular standing position. Continue with the same leg and then switch legs.  Repeat 5 times for each leg and build up the repetitions as you get more comfortable.

(4) Stability ball press

exercise ball press
Stability ball press

This is our first exercise that will use the ball and if you’re not comfortable with your balance and core strength, it’s a tricky one !!!


To start with I recommend that you try this without weights, just to make sure you get your balance sorted an used to how the ball moves.  The last thing you want is to be wobbling about with weights coming crashing towards you !!


How to do it

Referring to Picture (A), start by sitting against the ball with your knees slightly raised.  Then holding your back against the ball push up with your legs and allow your back to roll across the ball, so that you are in the position indicated in (A)  Then, if you can, hold a 3.5 kg or 4kg dumbbell in each hand and starting with them at your shoulder level, as shown in Picture (B) press straight up towards the ceiling and bring back to starting position.  Repeat 5 times.

(5) One Arm Rows

One Arm Rows

One arm rows are a great exercise for improving stability and reducing arm fat.  Remember, these exercises aren’t about how much weight you can lift, rather, its about toning your body, improving your core and shaping what you already have.


One arm (or one leg) exercises are great for working on a particular muscle set and this one in particular is great for improving your stability muscles , which reduce the chance of injury and improve posture.



How to do it

Referring to picture (A) start as if you are preparing to do a press-up.  Place your dominant hand (the one you wrote with) on the ground and using your other hand, grip a 2.5kg dumbbell.  Pull the dumbbell up to your side and release back down. Repeat five times !

(6) Sit-ups (or pop up abs)

Sit ups (or pop ups)

I’m going to finish up this routine with a variation on an oldie but a goodie, the common sit-up !!!  Some people refer to this variation as a “Pop up ab” but I’m more of a traditionalist at heart.  The variation is, that instead of just holding your legs flat as you raise your torso, I want you to raise your knees too !!!


Whatever you call it though, this is a great, underestimated exercise that really works both ends of your abs making them great for shedding middle age spread, that a lot of girls can suffer with.

How to do them

Nice and simple this one – just lay on the floor as Picture (A) and then slowly raise your torso and knees to your middle as shown in Picture (B)  Ideally you want to get your heels as close to your bum as you can.  Repeat this five times !!

And there you go, a nice simple routine for you to do in the comfort of your own home.  I’ll follow up a little later with a couple of other routines I would like you to do based on yoga and Tai Chi a little later, as well as some details of essential kit for you to keep at home and some explanation of some of the technical terms that we’ll be using in our chats later.

If you’re looking for some guidance as to how many reps and sets you should do I would personally suggest

  • Novice             1 set of five reps
  • Beginner         2 sets of five reps
  • Intermediate  3 sets of five reps
  • Advanced        4 sets of five reps

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think from this simple routine.  Is it what you are looking for ?  How are you doing ?





#Transgirlfitness – Monthly events

Every month in our Facebook group, we share an online week long themed event with members looking to get inspiration for their exercise regimes, or maybe just a bit of a lifestyle or confidence boost.

They’re great ways to share ideas, meet people having the same issues you’re having, get inspiration and who knows, maybe make a lifelong friend who helps you make a positive change in your transition.

Why not take a look and join in ?


How to shape your eyebrows

In my makeup group, I get asked all sorts of questions, which are a great way for myself and the members to share and learn.  I really love these chances to interact with the women and appreciate them taking the time to join in.
One such lady this week was the lovely Aeryn, who asked what the best way to shape her eyebrows was and also what the best eyebrow shape was for her face.  (Didn’t I tell you we get great questions ?) So, I thought I would take the time to write a little note to help you make the most of this makeup essential – let me know what you think !
I did an earlier blog about face shapes here and a blog how to choose right shape for your face so I’m going to assume that you know which one of the six basic shapes (Round, Square, Long, Oblong, Diamond or Heart) that you are and you know what shape you’re aiming for.
So on with the shaping !!
  1. If you’ve tried shaping your eyebrows before and it hasn’t worked for you, then.  I recommend that you leave them for about 6 weeks before you have another go.  The reason for this is that after this period of time, your natural shape should haver, the goal of shaping is to enhance, not redefine.  Otherwise you will look unnatural.  Yukky !!
  2. Mark the shape (so you can see what you’re aiming at)  If you’re not going to use stencils then you’ll need to work out the basic shape.  When I’m doing this for clients, I use an eyebrow pencil and showgirls the three points I’m aiming for.  Imagine a vertical line going straight up the side of your nose.  Where it intersects your eyebrow is point (1).  (It’s where your eyebrow should start from) Next for point (2) imagine a line from the end of your nose that touches your iris.  Where this intersects the upper edge of your eyebrow is point (2).  Its where we want the highest point of your arch or curve to be.  Lastly, for point (3) we want to imagine a line from the edge of your nose to the edge of your eye.  Where this intersects your eyebrow is where we want your eyebrow to end.  Take a look at the graphic below to see what I’m talking about.  A good tip here is make sure that point (1) is at the same height as point (3)
The three lines you’re aiming to re-create for your eyebrow shape
3.  Now that we know the points we are aiming for, it never hurts to give the eyebrows a gentle brushing.  This helps to identify any longer lashes or strays that get flattened down and would normally be hidden.
4. Prepare for plucking operations !!!  We’re getting close now !! Brace for plucking !!! To take the edge of some of the pain, it really helps to massage a drop of face primer into the eyebrow area (not too much, otherwise you wont be able to grip the brow)
5. It’s time to pluck !!  Good plucking begins with good tweezers.  I personally use these tweezers from Younique.  But if they’re not for you, tweezerman tweezers are a really good alternate.  The most important attribute for the tweezer is a sharp angled (slant) edge to the tweezers which helps pick the right hair and shear it cleanly.  Start at the inside edge of the eyebrow and remove any baby hairs, long stragglers or ones that go against the main “grain” of the brow.  Don’t be afraid to stop every now and again and look in the mirror.  Not only does it help to gain some perspective, but it also helps with the pain management !!! Once you have done the inside edge, move to the lower arch, then the outside edge and finally the top edge.  Easy.   Remember, if you aren’t confident “freestyling” it, you can use a brow stencil, which you hold in place with one hand on the face and you tweeze with the other hand.
6. You should be able to leave your face to calm down a little after the plucking (I know, it hurts, but its not forever) and you should be able to leave it for about siz weeks before you need to do it again. Plenty of time to build up the courage !!!
And that’s really all there is to it !!!
Love and hugs

Knowing the basics – Selecting the right eyebrow for your face shape

In my earlier article, I explained one of the most important concepts in makeup and styling, the Face Shape and why it is so important for getting your look right. In this article, I’ll be talking about selecting the best eyebrow shape for your face. I(f you’re nervous about using tweezers, or its your first time, you can get some stencils here, which help you get an even shape.)
First things first
When we shape our eyebrows, we’re looking for the eyebrow has to complement the eye. Remember, they’re the frame to your eye, which is the main feature. You also can’t work with what isn’t there, so don’t be tempted to overpluck. Your eyebrows know what shape they should be, plucking should complement your natural shape and features.
Oval face Shape.

Oval eyebrows
Oval face shape and Soft Arch Eyebrow Shape

Generally, most Makeup Artists and stylists consider the oval face shape to the ideal face shape (Lucky you !!) and most of the eyebrow shapes that we discuss for the other shapes will try to make the face to look more oval in appearance.

Because the oval face is considered to be the ideal, most artists agree that that you only need a soft arch which goes straight up and then gently curves round at the top and down.



Long Face Shape.


Long eyebrows
Long Face shape and flat eyebrows

With the Long face shape, because its longer than it is wider, we’re looking to create the illusion of width.
We do this by using a flatter eyebrow shape, with a minimal to no arch which tends to draw attention up, away from the face, emphasising the length.
I’m not a huge personal fan of blocking in eyebrows (ie drawing a rectangular shape and colouring in, creating sharp corners at the nose edge. I personally find it a bit artificial and more for cosplay or younger ladies) But, this is one face shape which suits “blocking in” if you want to try it.


Round Face shape.


round face shape
Round face shape – high arches are for you !!

Thinking about the difference between the round face shape and the oval, you can see that what we want to do is create the illusion of length.


We do this by creating as high an arch as we can within the natural brow shape.

If you’re not using a stencil. Start by creating as high an arch as you can that follows a straight line to the peak of the brow, and creates a more vertical line.

You want some really good lines and angles here, so stay away from a rounded brow shape which will make your face look even more round. Oopsy !!


Square Face Shape.


square face shape
Square face ? A nice soft arch is your pick

Unlike the round shaped face I’ve just discussed, because it’s more angular, we’re looking to create a softer arch than with the round face shape.

The softer curve will help offset the angles of the lower jaw line. Some makeup artists will also recommend you go for an angle line like for the round face, but I tried this on a client once and we both agreed it wasn’t a good look – it made her face look angular and artificial.



Heart Face Shape.


heart shape face
Heart shaped face – nice soft arch for you !!

With the heart shape, because the hair line dominates the forehead, rather than use a defined or soft arch, we’re looking to create the same shape in our eyebrow line.
My preference is to use a more rounded eyebrow. A low rounded brow creates a natural look, which is soft, feminine and attractive.


Some makeup artists will suggest using a high angular arch for a more dramatic look, but my preference is to go for softer more rounded one, purely because I don’t want to appear dramatic every day !!!



Diamond Face Shape

diamond face shape
Soften the Diamond face shape by using a rounded eyebrow

In the unlikely event that you have a diamond shaped face, what we want to do is create the illusion that the face is narrower across the temple line and take away some of the angles of the jawline and forehead.

We do this by shortening the length of our eyebrow slightly (not too much as you will make your eyes look wider apart than they really are). What you are trying to do is to take out any thinned areas at the ear edge of the eyebrow to keep it tight and tidy with the edge of the eye.
To soften the angles of your face, use a soft rounded eyebrow, which will help soften the face and offset the angles.

So, there you have it in a nutshell, the six basic face types and the eyebrows that suit them !! As I said right at the start, if you are unsure of your shaping abilities, the best thing to do is to get some eyebrow stencils, or, if you are feeling more confident, go to a professional eyebrow threader. They’re quick, painless and really effective !!!

Love and hugs


Prison visits

Occasionally, as part of the talks that i give, I get asked what we do as part of the Beaumont Trust Trans prisoners project that i run.

As you’ll probably expect, i can’t go into specifics of prisoner details, but i thought I’d share with you some general details about what a visit is like.

Using the Prisoner Voicemail system, prisoners will usually reach out to us regularly asking for help, information, or maybe just as someone to listen to their general routine and progress on classes or rehabilitation programmes they are working on. We can then listen to these messages and respond to them, keeping an exchange of info going between the prisoner and Trust, which on it’s own might not seem like much, but, when you’re inside and abandoned by your family and subject to abuse, can make a real powerful difference.

About once a month, prisoners will reach out for an arranged visit. Usually on a weekend, when there isn’t much going on, or when it’s mutually convenient. At this point I’ll ring the prison to let them know I’m coming (experience shows this is a good idea) and then arrange the specifics of any visits. Some of those I’ve done up until now have been

  • Makeovers
    Book reading
    Meditation class
    Pride and scene updates

Talking about each in turn briefly

Makeovers. In these sessions, (which require a lot of pre planning and willingness from the prison director) I’ll take in a range of samples and sponges and makeover a prisoner, while other transwomen look through the makeup and any books i bring in while they’re waiting. We’ll then chat about looks they may want to try the next time I come visit. It’s a pretty fraught hour and hard work !!!

Training. Sometimes the prisoner will want to arrange training for the staff of the prison as part of a coaching or mentoring activity. These visits tend to be a lot more straightforward than any sessions which require you to bring in physical items and usually take the form of a TED talk around a table with whatever officers are able to attend.

Book ReadingWhere we do book readings ill being in a number of copies of a book and, w we’ll take roles and sit around a table, acting out the story. These are great fun, as the inmates get to express themselves, practice their feminine voices and thespian skills.

It’s great fun and quite a scene. (I wholeheartedly apologise to some of the authors we might have offended !!)

Meditation classes help with improving prisoners mental health. Something which is particularly important for trans prisoners who will often experience feelings of isolation and abuse while inside. Reactions to these conditions vary, but will usually include self harm, or violence against others and in the worst cases attempts of suicide.

On top of these activities, I also try to collect magazines to send in to prisoners, particularly trans magazines like Transliving, which help inform prisoners of the trans scene outside of their prison and help make them feel part of something. We’ve also historically sent in clothes, by special arrangement, but this is type of activity is reducing because many prisons are now actively preventing this.

Would you like to be involved in this ? Maybe you have an idea of somethig you would like to share that would help us improve the lives of transwomen in prison ? I’d love to hear from you ! Drop me a message with your details and I’ll be happy to get in touch.

Why Makeup Matters for Trans Women

Do you remember those days when you were first experimenting with makeup ? I certainly do !!! Because I was living on my own, I didn’t have a stash I could “borrow” on the sly, so I had to buy my own. I can still remember those first few frantic “smash and grab” style runs into the drug store, grabbing whatever looked right and then racing out before anyone could give me a funny look. (Other than the checkout girl !!!)

In those days (about the mid 90s) the internet wasn’t as an advanced respository of information as it is now. Girls like me used to gather on usenet forums and taking pictures wasn’t as straightforward as it is now, with smartphones and filters and sharing. I remember posting my first picture on forum and getting some honest, raw feedback about it. Devastating as it was at time, I persevered (add a few more perseveres here) and here I am now !! Little old me (a little less of the old though. If you don’t mind)

As trans women, we have a complicated relationship with makeup. Although there is no single, defining way to express ourselves as women, makeup is among the first that we’ll experiment with. For me personally, its only second to wearing a bra as a symbol of my femininity. Who would have thought a quick flick of a mascara wand could do so much to affirm our identities ?

Makeup can help improve the self esteem of the woman in the mirror staring back at us. It can help make the process of “passing” a little bit easier and for some women, it can make them feel more confident in themselves when going out in public. Someone even told me once that it made them feel safer and more congruent in their surroundings, which was something they were afraid off after hearing about a murder through TDOR. It’s particularly useful in the early days of transition when the effects of hormone replacement therapy and electrolysis haven’t yet kicked in.

As these more permanent treatments start to take effect, our skin softens and our facial hair thins out, we can be more selective with our use of makeup. Our expectations change from wanting to hide our “maleness” to wanting to accentuate our femininity. Our application becomes less heavy and our skills and knowledge increase, we may even visit a makeup artist at a department store to learn techniques like contouring and highlighting. These help soften our face, accentuate features like cheekbones, brow and jaw lines. We may even try a bolder shade of lip colour to emphasise our lips, which are usually paler than genetic women.

As our transition progresses, our relationship with makeup continues to change, we move from it being a necessary stress, to a pleasure. We don’t feel like we are trying to hide anything more, our use becomes more free flowing and creative. Liberating. We’re no longer consumed by finding that perfect look, it’s a form of self expression and mood, which can vary from wearing none at all, to a ton of it. The best thing about makeup is there are no rules, just guidelines and as for those, well, they’re just guidelines ! It’s about accentuating the look you most feel comfortable in as an expression of your female identity.

That’s where groups and pages like ours are so valuable and useful. There are literally thousands of girls within them, all friendly, all going through the same process, the same fears, the same feelings. We KNOW its a huge first step, but we promise, all the girls are really friendly and so genuine with their feedback, you can also message or call us directly if you want some help. We’re always keen to share and help you develop on your journey. If nothing else, we can help you avoid those makeup disasters like “Panda Eyes”, “Slut lips” and the perils of green eyeshadow !! Now THAT has to be worth something !

After all, your relationship will be a lasting one that won’t just end with your transition. And we want to help you make the most of it ❤

Love and hugs


Transgender Empowerment: Making the World a Better Place

I believe we are living in an age of Transgender empowerment. Transgender women the world over are increasingly making positive contributions to society and its various communities. By and large, they are increasingly empowered to take decision about different aspects of their life and profession.
Benefits of Transgender Empowerment:
  • Transgender empowerment adds to confidence of Transgender women in their ability to lead meaningful and purposeful lives. It removes their dependence on others and makes them individuals in their own right.
  • They are able to lead their lives with dignity and freedom.
  • It adds to their self esteem.
  • It gives them a distinct identity.
  • They are able to gain positions of respect in society.
  • They are able to make meaningful contributions to the well-being of society.
  • They act as capable citizens to make the country achieve enhanced Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth.
  • Studies have shown that by letting Transgender women express themselves in their authentic identity, they make a more profitable contribution to a companies results.
  • They get fair and equitable access to resources of the company and country.
Necessity of Transgender’s Empowerment
  • Without Transgender womens empowerment, we cannot remove injustice and gender bias and inequalities.
  • If Transgender women are not empowered, they cannot enjoy security and protection in life.
  • It also provides them a safe working environment.
  • Empowerment acts as a powerful tool against exploitation and harassment of Transgender women.
  • It is a great means to get adequate legal protection for Transgender women.
  • If not socially and economically empowered, Transgender women cannot develop their own identity.
  • Transgender women are highly creative and intelligent which makes it imperative to receive their contributions in socio-economic activities.
  • For a just and progressive society, Transgender women need to be provided equal opportunities for work
Means of Transgender Empowerment
  • Education: Without proper and adequate education, Transgender women cannot become empowered individuals. They need to be encouraged to go for higher studies so that they can contribute significantly in the creation of a knowledge society.
  • Communication Skills: Without developing skills for effective communication, Transgender women cannot make their voices heard.  It is essential for them to communicate effectively to become successful. As leaders, they need to put across their points to the people so that a family, team or company can be effectively managed.
  • Disposable Income: Transgender women need to earn well to have their say in important financial decisions governing their lives. Being financially independent gives Transgender women power over their lives and also contributes to the growth of businesses.
  • Power of Internet: Access to the internet has opened the floodgates of knowledge and awareness and increased social interaction reach, influence and understanding of the needs of Transgender women. The liberalizing influence of the World Wide Web has broken all taboos, myths and misconceptions regarding Transgender women and the LGBTQIA community.
Conclusion:  Transgender Empowerment helps to make the society and world a better place to live in and march forward on way to inclusive participation. It means increase happiness for the family and the organizations where Transgender women make a difference.

Press Release – YNotbU Angel Investment in Transortium


We were delighted to hear about Heather Flanagan’s work in establishing a new organisation in the United States called Transortium. Speaking to Heather it quickly became clear that not only did she share a lot of the same values we do, but also had a compelling vision for improving the issues Transgender people face when it comes to integrating into society, pre, during and post transition.

Heathers goal for Transortium is that it should be a hub for bridging the gap between the Trans community and wider society. This bridge is not only made up of information and resources, but training for organisations and the trans community as well.  Through these initiatives they hope to be able to facilitate and ease integration between the transgender community and the wider society.

Because we share in Transortums values and mission, we were only too pleased to be become not only a founding Angel investor in the organisation, but also their partner in the United Kingdom.

You can find out about the Transortium organisation by clicking on any of the following links, or by dropping us a message.  We’ll be only to pleased to help you.




SavedPicture-2017111392129.jpgWhen my sister Janiz got in touch with me a little while ago, to satisfy her usual makeup fix (She’s worse than me, at least i don’t buy lipstick because it tastes like chocolate) we got to chatting and i asked her what was new with her.

Seems she had got a new tattoo done, so, i asked her to pop me a photo and when it came through, I couldn’t help but say ‘wow !!!” She had dropped almost 60 lbs from when we last chatted by video on my birthday and looked amazing !!!!

“You alright sis ?” She asked, so i had to say “Kitty, you look amazing !! Something obviously agrees with you – spill the beans !!!!

Jaisha has always been into her fitness and since becoming a qualified instructor has been working hard in the gym and you can really see the benefits. Chatting away, we came to the idea that we should bring her street and gym workout routines, as well as her lifestyle and motivation coaching to what we’re doing at TransgenderMakeupAdviceandSupport. Just like that our #transgirlfitness was born !!! Two trans women, doing it for themselves !!!

I’m so excited that she has found her passion and we’re so excited to be able to bring this to you. There’s nothing quite like going into business with your little sister and the excitement of having fun and supporting our community.

More to follow – very soon !!!