Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary

Rainbow Bridge
Kendra Brill and Maybelle at Rainbow Bridge

Following the sale of Kendra Brill Inc to #YNotbU earlier this year, I’ve been able to focus my time on a number of other projects. The most important of which is the creation of a sanctuary for LGBTQIA children in LaVale Cumberland.


The project is called Rainbow Bridge and together with my friends, Jade Kenney, Joanna Darrell and Transortium, I’m asking for your help in making this essential dream a reality for our community.

Our vision for Rainbow Bridge is that it will create not just a safe space for LGBTQIA children and their families to visit for support, but also to provide educational resources, a helpline and most importantly a safe environment for children either abandoned by their families or who have run away to escape abuse or bullying.

It’s an ambitions project.  None of us have any doubt about that at all.

BUT, it’s also an essential project.  The statistics speak for themselves.  Just look at the statistics below

  • Children in grades K-12 who identify as gender non-conforming report high rates of bullying and violence at school: 78 percent reported harassment, 35 percent reported physical assault, and 12 percent reported sexual violence.
  • One sixth of K-12 students who identified as gender non-conforming said that bullying was so bad that they left school because of it.
  • 41% of respondents to a 2011 survey reported having tried suicide in an attempt to escape abuse they were experiencing.
The Rainbow Bridge House

So what am I hoping for by letting you know about this ?  Well, it would be great if you could give two things.  Anything and Something.  We’d be eternally grateful, more than grateful.

If you’re able to give Anything, then please, donate to our GoFundMe campaign.  If you’re able to donate Something, then please, donate a like, or a share, to bring this message of hope and prayer to your friends so that they’ll be able to learn about what we’re doing and maybe donate themselves.

We wouldn’t just be grateful.  We won’t just write to say thankyou.  We’d write your name into the building. Into the entrance hall with a list of all our sponsors, so that the lives you touch will know that you made it happen.  You’d also be more than welcome to come visit.  Anytime.

Now there’s something to be part of.




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