Things to avoid before you sleep

Getting enough sleep and a good nights rest actually takes a lot more effort and preparation than going to bed early enough in the evening. I know it might seem like too much of a hassle, especially when it comes at the wrong wnd of the day, but arranging your days activities so that you slow down mentally during the evening can really pay dividends for a good nights sleep.

Let me walk you through the things that I do……………….

First things first, I’ve made sure my bedroom is ready for sleep. It’s the second most important thing I do there (on occasions) I’ve purchased a tempur style mattress which is soooooo comfortable, I just love going to sleep now, rather than fall asleep on the sofa in front of a tv playing to itself. Next, I set the alarm clock on my phone and LEAVE IT DOWNSTAIRS on charge. That way, I get a good rest without distraction and more importantly, can’t hit snooze when it goes off, for 10 more minutes. If I want longer in bed, I set the alarm for later. Simples.

Making sure I only sleep in bed (and, you know) is important because it associates bed with a place where I’m relaxed and ready for rest. If I use it as a sofa for watching tv, or taking my laptop to bed to work on a couple of bits of work, then it just becomes like any other room in the house. Think about it, the Kitchen is for cooking, you wouldn’t do that in bed would you ?

During the day, I make sure I get all the stressful or strenuous activities out of the way early on. As keen as I am on fitness and exercise regimes, I don’t personally exercise too late in the day (after 20:00 for example) as I find that exercising later than this will often leave my adrenalin levels high, which makes it hard to sleep.

At home, before I go to bed, I don’t drink coffee (So I make sure I don’t have Joanna round, who’s permanently wired for it) I’ll also not drink any alcohol or wine. I just make a bottle of my favourite Lemon water and take it to bed with me, just in case I wake up thirsty. I also don’t rely on anything like milky drinks, or sleeping pills. When I’m tired, I go to bed, its as simple as that !

When I’m in bed, rather than watch TV, I’ll tend to read my kindle for half an hour or so. Something nice and simple, not too stimulating, but one of those books you can just mush into, pick up and drop when you want and just enjoy the moment. I’m actually reading a book about Sardinia at the moment, planning my next holiday ! lots of relaxing photos of lovely beaches and pleasant landscapes. Perfect !

Then, last but my no means least, I always wear an eye mask and ear plugs in bed. I just find it darkens the room for me and creates a silence that is restful. I don’t need any apps to play running water (makes me want to pee) wind chimes (makes me stay awake listening for the next bong) or walks through a forest with a flute (gives me a headache) I just need ot make sure I go to sleep tired.

What are your tips for going to sleep and getting a good nights rest ? I’d love for you to share them with me !



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3 thoughts on “Things to avoid before you sleep

  1. Thanks Madds for a very useful blog on what to avoid before sleep!
    Here’s a funny one for you. I can’t sleep unless my partner is snoring 😂



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