The Kendra Brill Story by Tess De Carlo

In my life, I’ve been lucky enough to be helped and supported by some truly genuine, loving people.   People who know me and are genuinely there for me.  The people I have complete confidence in, trust wholeheartedly and love unconditionally.  These people  give me the confidence to express myself as myself for myself and are there for me, no matter what.  They help me do more than survive.  They help me thrive.

Which is why the betrayal of that trust is such a desperately difficult thing to comprehend and endure.

Last year, I was approached by Tess De Carlo, who wanted to write about me in a biography.  At first, she was all engaging, polite, enquiring, flattering and genuinely interested in me and my journey.  She promised faithfully to represent me and my friends as we were and most importantly to give me the final edit of the book before publishing so I could make any corrections that were necessary.  It was a flattering offer, which slowly but surely I have come to regret with every fibre in my being.  Even with all the love in my hear, it will be difficult to forgive what she did to me and my friends.

The resulting book from Tess’s efforts is appallingly bad.  Not only has it been badly researched, it has been badly written, badly edited and plagiarised from numerous press articles and publicity that I have previously given.  Worse than that, the effect it has had on the friendships I treasure most has been so destructive, that in my darkest moments, I wondered if it would overcome me.  Worse still, her follow on book, the T word is just as

The minute it came out, I realised I had made a poor decision.  I  let her into my life, I trusted her with my story, my personal details and my friends. She used them all for her personal gratification, and advancement of her own cause.  The way she treated m friends was what disgusted me most, she said things of them (and me) that simply isnt true and is entirely fabricated from her own imagination.   She didn’t even give me the edit she promised me.

It’s for these reasons, that I am completely disassociating myself from Tess’s book and am working with a new team to write this stage of my journey.  Let me be clear, the book does not represent me, my friends, or my story and further, in some areas is not just wrong, it is a complete fabrication without basis.

As well as disassociating myself with this project, I wish to apologise unreservedly to not just my friends for the hurt Tess has caused them and the lies she has told about them, but also to the journalists she has plagiarised for some elements she has used in the book.

I will also seek advice about seeking damages from Tess, which if successful, I will donate to a Transgender charity in the belief that at least in doing so, something good will come out of this sad sorry experience.

Love always


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