Press release YnotbU incorporation of Kendra Brill Inc

Following on from Kendra Brill becoming Patron for our charitable activities, we’re thrilled to be able to announce we have been able to complete the incorporation of Kendra Brill Inc into our YnotbU family.

Referring to the incorporation of Kendra Brill Inc, Joanna Darrell stated “Moving forward incorporating Kendra Brill Inc into YnotbU allows @TransgenderMakeupAdvicesupport to exclusively support Kendra with all aspects of her Arbonne business with Kendra continuing to Advocate and present YnotbU Gender Diversity and sexual violence recovery training presentations in the USA.

This is a dream come true for our team. Kendra is an incredible woman, who not only shares our values and beliefs, but also brings her own compassion, experiences and positive message to our charity. Joining together in this way is a great honour for us and something we’re really excited about.

Kendra Brill, Patron of YnotbU echoed Joanna’s sentiment saying “Incorporating Kendra Brill Inc into YNotbU gives me the chance to concentrate on transgender advocacy activities which is my passion and calling. I just want to say that I’m truly optimistic and excited about what this year has in store for us all and I’m grateful for Joanna’s support, love and encouragement in making this such an easy decision for me to make”

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