SavedPicture-2017111392129.jpgWhen my sister Janiz got in touch with me a little while ago, to satisfy her usual makeup fix (She’s worse than me, at least i don’t buy lipstick because it tastes like chocolate) we got to chatting and i asked her what was new with her.

Seems she had got a new tattoo done, so, i asked her to pop me a photo and when it came through, I couldn’t help but say ‘wow !!!” She had dropped almost 60 lbs from when we last chatted by video on my birthday and looked amazing !!!!

“You alright sis ?” She asked, so i had to say “Kitty, you look amazing !! Something obviously agrees with you – spill the beans !!!!

Jaisha has always been into her fitness and since becoming a qualified instructor has been working hard in the gym and you can really see the benefits. Chatting away, we came to the idea that we should bring her street and gym workout routines, as well as her lifestyle and motivation coaching to what we’re doing at TransgenderMakeupAdviceandSupport. Just like that our #transgirlfitness was born !!! Two trans women, doing it for themselves !!!

I’m so excited that she has found her passion and we’re so excited to be able to bring this to you. There’s nothing quite like going into business with your little sister and the excitement of having fun and supporting our community.

More to follow – very soon !!!

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