Kendra Brill – I’m more than just my gender

I’m really excited to be able to say that I’ve been commissioned to write a biography of my close personal friend Kendra Brill. Why excited ? Well, as well as being a friend and patron of our charity, she is in my opinion, one of the unsung role models of our community with such an interesting story to tell.

This biography covers Kendras life following her “coming out” and her journey to live in her chosen gender, its trials and tribulations and the many high points in finding her authentic self. Many of the issues and topics she covers will be relatable to trans women all over the world and her personable style, punctuated with humour and humility are sure to endear her to a new generation of trans women, seeking do be recognised as “more than just their gender.”

As you would expect from a biography on Kendra its an honest, frank and completely open insight into the woman, her passions, insecurities, hopes and dreams for her journey.

Release date June 2018

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