Skin Care for all ages


One of the really nice things about running a social media group on Facebook and also my blog is that you get to interact with a wide range of people from a number of backgrounds.  All with different issues, constraints and questions.   It’s a lovely way to share knowledge, learn, test yourself and hopefully help some people along the way.

Take this weekend for example, I was running a question and answer session on skincare following an enquiry from an older member in the group.  Inevitably one of the younger girls felt this wasn’t an issue for her and wanted to steer the session in another direction towards her need, but with a little persuasion, we were all able to join in and talk skin care regimes, treatments and products for all ages and the benefits of starting sooner rather than later.

Take a look at where we got to and let me know what you think – does it fit in with your experiences ?  Perhaps I missed one of your favourites ?  Let me know !!! I’d love to hear from you !!!


15 to 25

When we’re young (yes I can remember…….) we’re predominantly concerned with spots. At this time, our skin regime is primarily concerned with controlling the bacteria and oiliness which leads to spots, rather than moisturising.  (Remembering the ingredients commonly used to treat spots can often lead to dryness)  If you have oily skin, you should look for products which contain an anti-bacterial ingredient.  Whereas if you’re suffer with drier skin you should choose a product with a low content of moisturiser so as not to block pores.  It’s also important to exfoliate regularly to help remove dead skin cells.

Another key feature of our skin regime when we’re younger is that it needs to be affordable. When I spoke to some teenage friends of mine, they explained that this was their most important feature in a product, over brand name or fancy advertising.  Denise explained “Affordable doesn’t mean cheap, it just means that I don’t want to pay more for the results I’m looking for”  Her preference is to cleanse with the Body shop Tea Tree facial wash, skip toning and to finish with a light moisturiser, her preference being  Moisture Match from Garnier .  She rounds off her routine by taking vitamins which contain Zinc Gluconate and Salicylic Acid, which help regulate the production of Sebum which is oily/way matter which lubricates and waterproofs the skin.  “Multi Vitamins are boring though” she says “So I look for Cereals which have these added as a supplement”

Denise’s favourite products are shown below which works out to about £12 per month (just click on an image to be taken to the site)






25 to 40

Once we’ve passed out mid 20s, the bodies production of Sebum starts to slow down and with it, the first signs of skin aging appear.  Therefore at this our priority changes from controlling bacteria to protecting the skin and moisturising to help prevent aging.  The importance of cleansing becomes more significant in our regime too, as it can help maintain the skins moisture balance and PH level.   The initial “fine line and shallow wrinkles” of aging will tend to appear earlier if your lifestyle choices include smoking or regular sun bathing as well as diet choices and the regular intake of water.

Claire laughs when she tell me “Looking back, cleansing has now become a more regular part of my regime, I certainly don’t go to bed without taking my make up off any more !!” “I also take more care around of the area around my eyes, as I’ve noticed this area is different to the other areas on my face, its more delicate and needs a different cleanser. “  Claires preferences for skin care are below, why not check them out ?







In addition to Claire’s choices, it’s important to keep up your exfoliation regime, because another tell tale sign of aging is an uneven dull skin tone which is caused by dead skin cells, particularly on the cheek and forehead areas. You may also find that using a primer and liquid foundation as opposed to a powder based foundation helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.  Two really good products to consider are







40 to 55

As Becky said to me recently when I was researching this article “Sweety, it’s not the years, it’s the mileage !” Scientifically speaking, what I think she meant was that at this time, we start to develop pre-menopausal skin, which is caused by a decline in the amount of oestrogen and elastin we produce.  Also, a decrease in Melanocytes leads to reduction in natural protection, which all combine to cause the skin to decrease in both thickness and suppleness.  The net effect is an increase in the skin becoming more susceptible to damage from the elements, in particular the sun and an increase in the signs of aging.

I’m not going to tell you which end of this age range I fit into (a girl has to have some secrets) but, in a nutshell, its all about moisturising, toning and exfoliating, with a little night cream thrown in too. My fave products to use are (You should try the Elizabeth Arden crème, as recommended to me by Zoe – its lovely !!!)






The reason why I take a vitamin supplement is that they help to strengthen and regenerate the skin as well as having anti-oxidant properties. All good to know !!!

55 and upwards

Speaking to Shirley, who proudly fits in the “Upwards” section of this range, she has found that as she has got older her skin has tended to become more sensitive. The science behind this sensitivity says that the skins metabolism slows down as the production of collagen and elastin reduces. Shirleys preference is therefore for Hypoallergenic products, ideally those which contain natural ingredients.  When I asked Shirley what was in her skin care locker, she told me “I love natural products and would be lost without my night cream too, but one of my favourite things to do is a body and face massage where my therapist uses an almond based oil which really helps with the dryness of my skin”






Shirley also recommends using Jojoba oil instead of a crème at night which she finds helps seal in moisture.



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