My Best Friends Girl – Blythe H Warren

my best friends girlThe hangout I belong to on Facebook recently decided to go a little outside its comfort zone and read a debut book from an author and a little under a month in I have to say their choice has turned out to be an utter joy.

I really enjoyed this book from cover to cover, there were a lot of lovely touches to the story.  The story itself is of two women finding each other after a concert that features the Band our heroine (Jessie) plays in.  Zoey is initially dating Neal the bands lead singer, but is drawn to Jessie following an introduction by Neal after the band plays at a “battle of the bands” style concert.  What follows is a really lovely story about two women finding themselves through their developing relationship, dealing with issues like disapproving parents, luke warm acceptance from friends and another set of parents.

Then there’s the difficulty of Zoey extracating herself from her relationship with Neal too. Worse than that, there are a couple of scenes as the book develops which threaten Zoeys and Jessies relationship as well.  Blythe uses Zoey’s character to explore a really interesting perspective on this style of relationship as well, in terms of Jessie’s maturity as well as Jessie’s life’s experience to explore the subject of trust in a relationship.

The story moves along at a really easy pace and keeps you hooked with the detail that’s included within it.  One nice detail that Bythe returns back to is using the underlying theme of the band and music to describe the scenes with.  She picks out bands and song lyrics, bands style of music and also artists to give an extra insight into what each character is feeling at a particular point in the story.  It’s a really nice touch.

Another thing that I really enjoyed were the love scenes between Jessie and Zoey.  They are so well written, not too graphic or lewd, but tender and inviting, much the same way as the rest of the book is written.  Perfectly in tune with the characters, story and their relationship.

I’d thoroughly recommend this book to anyone looking for a perfect Sunday morning read, whether it’s on the beach on holiday, in bed with your favourite croissant of choice or lounging in your favourite jumper in your comfy sofa.  It’s a really lovely story from a new author that you might not have heard off before, but is well worth looking for more from when she publishes her next.  Who knows, she might even write a sequel which would be a nice touch !!!

You can download “My best friends girl” from Amazon by clicking the following link – why not give yourself a little pressie and a treat for your kindle ?  I’d love to hear what you think if you do !!!

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