15 minute skincare !


We all know the scene, we’ve all been there.  Stood in front of the mirror looking at the reflection.  We look a little tired, lacklustre and lets be honest, we’re looking for a quick fix to freshen up.

The good news is though that help is at hand and with these four methods (all natural too – bonus !!!) you’ll soon be on your way – team them up with my guide to natural DIY facemasks (The honey and lemon one is ADORBS !!!)


I’m loving natural products at the moment – they’re so cool and accessible.  Although it takes a little longer to prepare them (and they don’t last as long, even in the fridge) there’s something about them, they just feel better when you’re using them, more rewarding, more beneficial.  Try this lovely mixture for a quick cleanse, all you need is to finely chop some dill, mix it with some oat bran (about 150g should be fine) and a tablespoon of vegetable oil until you get a thick porridge. That’s it – simple as that and you’re done !!!  Apply the mixture after cleansing your face and massage with circular movements. Your skin will be cleaner and more clarified.


Into a quick fix ?  Not really feeling like a run to Tesco for some supplies ?  Well, I’ve got something else for you to try and this ones even easier !!!!  All you need to do is dampen a couple of small towels in hot water and place them over your face so they completely cover the forehead, eyes, cheeks and chin.  Leave them there for a couple of minutes and then soak the same towels in cold water and place them back on your face for another couple of minutes.  Pop them off and your skin will look younger, more radiant and fresh !!!


A couple of tips here, although they’re not strictly moisturisers in the truest sense of the word, they’re perfect treats to enjoy and have many of the same benefits…………

Banana Face Mask

If you’ve read my earlier article about DIY facemasks, you’ll know that these can be a really easy to way to recreate that self indulgent spa experience and this one is simply scrummy !!!!   Just mash a ripe banana up with a tablespoon of flour. That’s all.  How easy is that ????  Then apply the mixture on your face, neck and neckline, and after 10 minutes rinse with warm water. Mmmmmmm, bananery goodness !!!!

Cucumber Eye Care

If you suffer with dark circles under your eyes or maybe a little puffiness, try this quick fix for a little pick me up.  Grate 1/2 cucumber and put a couple of dollops of the puree into a couple of handkerchiefs and leave them on your eyelids for about 10 minutes.  Give your eyes a quick rinse with lukewarm water and Voila !!!

As good as these are though, you shouldn’t forget the appearance and condition of your skin is related to your way of life. In order to have beautiful, glowing, and especially healthy skin, not only of the face but also of the entire body you need to eat healthy and aim at having a well-balanced diet.  Be sure to drink 1.0 – 1.5 litres of water per day as well as tea and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Always try in your daily menu to be present foods from all the groups of nutrients. Emphasize on the fruit and vegetables and try to take time to exercise regularly. All this is beneficial not only to your skin but also to the whole organism.

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