Micellar Water – what’s all the fuss about ?

Micellar water 2In between binge watching your favourite series on demand (It’s game of thrones isn’t it ? I’m right aren’t I ?) You’ll probably have noticed adverts publicising a product called Micellar water (or as my children say missile water – don’t buy that by the way, its an entirely different product, VERY tough on spots I’ve heard though)

But what is  Micellar water and why should you be interested in it ?  Curious myself about what people were raving about, I did a bit of research and this is what I found out !!!

Pay attention – here comes the ‘science bit’

Micellar water originates from France where it was initially used by women as a substitute for hard water. Far from being rare, the name micelle is actually given to a wide range of spherical liquid crystals which form spontaneously when you put them into water.  Close up, they resemble ice cream cones (yummy) and agglomerate into a shape with all the tips pointing inwards.  The end result is a sphere enclosing some water inside.

Because they’re formulated to be compatible with the skins natural pH balance micelles and reduce the irritancy of some detergents, they’re a must have for those of us with sensitive skin.  They can reduce some toxic effects but also stop actives you want to work from working.  But the thing that micelles are really good for is trapping small quantities of oil, Sebum, dirt, call it what you will.  So they make ideal mild makeup remover, which you can even leave it on your skin after application.

But so what ?

It’s a fair question, I mean, you’ve already got your skin care regime sorted out haven’t you ? Cleanse, tone, moisturise – what more do you need ?  Is there even room in your bathroom cabinet for another bottle ?  How can they realistically replace your skin wipe ?Well, it’s worth considering, somewhere in-between your toner and cleanser in your normal daily routine would be perfect – it’s also great for travel when you don’t have access to your full bag of tricks or are looking to cut down on weight.  I personally prefer to use it for double-cleansing in the morning, approximately 30 minutes before using doing my daily make-up routine.  Don’t forget too, while there are many pros to the ease of using a face wipe, they’re often saturated with chemicals that can leave a harmful residue. Micellar water on the other hand is just as convenient for a swift cleanse, but is less stressful on the skin. And from an economic standpoint, it’s a more cost-friendly option as a bottle will last you waaay longer than a package of makeup wipes.

How do you use it ?

As women, can we all agree that there’s no bigger feat than motivating yourself to get up and wash off your makeup after you’re already in and in front of the TV ? (Remember that Game of thrones bit earlier ? I Totally understand). But it’s a much more realistic and achievable goal when you can wash your face and remove your makeup, foundation, eyeliner and lip colour ALL in one fell swoop. It’s gentle and gets the job done, plain and simple.

Cotton pads are micellar water’s natural friend as they’re  cheap, easy to use and Hydrophilic (meaning they attract fellow hydrophilic heads that contain oil and bacteria, drawing them out like a magnet)  You simply pour a little product on a cotton pad, then wipe your skin clean. It feels amazing !!!  I tried using it a few different ways in the two weeks I tried it and found the following the best ways

  1. Final cleansing step
    It’s a great cleanser after you’ve removed your makeup. If you double cleanse, let this be the second product you use and don’t rinse after using it. It’ll double up as a toner and all you need is to moisturize after cleansing your face with it.
  2. For washing your face in the middle of the day
    I always recommend a maximum of two face washes a day in order to retain your skin’s natural lipids but I know some people prefer to wash their face in the middle of the day. If you belong to this group who feel a need to wash your face in the middle of the day for whatever reasons, consider using a micellar water based cleanser. It is not only convenient to use, it is much gentler on your face and will not strip your face of excess lipids. Definitely beats using a foaming cleanser and having water splashed all over your face.
  3. For use in place of cleansing wipes
    If you examine points 2 and 3 that I’ve discussed earlier, it’s not difficult to see that a micellar water based solution can replace cleansing wipes. Not only is a micellar water based cleanser gentler because it usually contains lesser ingredients, I would even say it is more beneficial as compared to using cleansing wipes.
  4. For washing your face during the morning
    Finally, for those of you who want to wash your face in the morning but do not want to use anything harsh, micellar water might be the way to go. Not only is it gentler, it is most convenient. You probably will save some time too especially when you are in a hurry. Plus it’ll double up as a toner, which means your face would be ready for your moisturizer and sunscreen right after your cleansing. No rinse. YAY!

Personally, I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of using micellar water as a final cleansing step. It’s very convenient to use and no wonder so many women are hooked on it. But I think it’ll probably yield better results for those who live in countries where the water is harder. The water supply in Singapore is not so harsh and is still quite kind on our skin. So the difference might be less apparent.

So that’s it a nutshell – But before I go, I’ll just leave you with a photo of the products I tried in my two week period.  My personal favourite ?  Simple.  literally !!!





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