How to take a good #nomakeupselfie

SelfieOk – You know I love my makeup and am always looking to share my knowledge of deals and products, but a question that got me thinking the other day was – “What are the best tips for a no makeup #selfie ?”

Did you know, at the end of 2013 that ‘selfie’ was crowned ‘Word of the Year’ by Oxford Dictionaries ? Even though that’s over three years ago, there’s no denying selfies continue to be a hot trend and excellent way to share memories of friends (and who knows, maybe even the odd celebrity)  So why not read my #Dos and #Dont’s and join in ?


Choose somewhere that isn’t too dimly lit. As any photographer will tell you, lighting is key to a good photo, photograph yourself in poor light  and your face will look dark , but in bright light you may find your best features getting washed out completely.  We all have a bright room in our apartment – but it’s worth trying different locations in the room and turning around once you’ve found your spot to see how the light changes your photo as it reflects.

Use you phones main camera.  Most of us take selfies with the front facing camera on our phones, but the image quality from this one isn’t anything like as good as the rear facing one.  Although it can be a little more fiddly to set up the shot, for a crystal clear image, it’s really worth the extra effort !!

It’s important to get the angle right. It’s no coincidence that most selfies are taken from above – photos taken from slightly above tend to present a more flattering image – We’ll just say “chins !!” and leave it at that !!!

Make sure you smile !!! Confidence and attitude make any picture look better – don’t try a pose or look from someone else’s selfie. This is your picture, make it yours and OWN IT !!!  The most common look for hair in the selfie is for it to be pulled back, don’t hide behind you bangs – its about your natural beauty !!!


Cheat !!! Its not about using a little makeup or even using filters on your phone editing software – its about your natural beauty !!


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