Younique highlighting – really !!!

Younique highlighterI’ve always been a little sceptical about highlighter as a product, preferring just a flat, neutral complexion, its always seemed to me that your face is shape it is (and probably born with) and that no amount of trickery with colours would be able to change that.

Add to that that one of my friends tends to wear it so that she can highlight her cleavage when she is wearing a low top dress, or even an open fronted one and you can see why it’s not really been high on my list of things to do or try………

That said though, with so many “beauty hacks” being published about highlighting this summer, I thought I’d give it a go and where better to start than this beauty pack ?  As you can see, it takes a lot of the guess work out of the process with the pictures that are included, comes with a handy, good quality mirror and best of all, as part of the May Kudos offer – also comes with the perfect makeup brush to help you make the most of your new gift !!

But how to use it ?  Well, It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 !!! Read on !




We’re going to use the cream contour  to start with – so taking the angled end of your contour brush, apply the cream from the corner of your mouth up towardhighlight 1 your ear. This has the effect of drawing the eye down to your mouth and raising your cheekbones subtly.  Some ladies also like to go for a little “sculpting” around the sides of the nose,  (which helps make the bridge of the nose appear a little narrower) You can also apply a little to the tip of your nose, which will prepare it for the highlighting stage, helping light reflect off it, which can make it appear a little more “pointy”.  Be careful not to overdo your application in these areas though, otherwise you’ll end up with a heavy look which will look like you have over applied your concealer.  another favourite place for application is around the edges of the chin, which can give the effect of slimming your face by contouring around your hairline and below the jawline under your chin.  Blend all areas where you applied the Contour Cream using the angled end of your Contour Brush for a flawless finish.


highlight 2Next, we’re going to apply the highlighter powder (see how quick this is ?) You’re looking to apply the highlighter under your eye, the bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and cheekbones.  This part is pretty tricky though – remember ladies, LESS is more !!! You can always add more powder if you need to later on……..

Its worth taking a little time with this step in my opinion and definitely worth practicing before you wear it out.  I’ve seen a few ladies over apply powder a couple of times, thinking it hasn’t gone on (particularly after applying the first one which is easier to see) If you find yourself in this position, taking it off is a little tricky but you can do it gently using a lint free cotton wool ball.  Don’t be tempted to work it in if you have over applied it – it will just make your foundation look weird and artificial.

highlight 3Now this last bit is going to seem a bit weird, particularly after you have gone to all the trouble to buy a proper highlighting kit and brush, but bear with me !!! The last powder in the kit to apply is the 3d cream (the one on the right) and its at this stage that you’ll get to see the benefits of all your work in stages one and two.  Using the pad of your index finger, you want to dab spots on all the bridge of the nose and around the edges of the eyes then carefully blend it in , up and down the nose and left to right around the eyes.  Using your finger might seem a little odd for this stage, but, the benefit of it is that it slightly warms the powder, which helps to work it in.

highlight 4
             Before – all products applied
highlight 5
                  After – all products blended


And that’s all there is to it – check out my other more detailed post about highlighting here if you would like to know more about the technique.  If you would like to buy some of Younique’s excellent Trio highlighter, you can get some here.

Alternatively, if you have another favourite product, why not let me know ? That’s what the comment section is for !!

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