Summers lipstick low-down !!

Lipstick bulletsAs we head towards summer, the “on trend” make-up look is rebellious !!!!  By that I mean, its not so much about what you wear, it’s all about how you wear it.  Bolder looks are grabbing the headlines, and the read-all-about-it story is strong, bold, vibrant lipstick !!!   From glossy pillar-box pouts, to blurred crimson all the way to deep vampy shades, this summer is the time to go  bold !!!

All your favourite make-up brands have taken note and have new shades in their collections to satisfy even the most particular of colour desires.  But to save you the bother of looking, I’ve picked out some of my favourites, not just for their colour, but also because they’re easy to apply and have real staying power (lets face it, no girl wants her lippy coming off after an hour, or their first glass of wine, do they ?)

So, get ready to make some room in your makeup bag for one, two or even more of these little beauties !!!

Younique Opulence Lipstick – “Conceited” £15


Conceited is a shimmery pink shade by Younique and is part of their Opulence range.  This long lasting, buttery-soft lipstick smoothly glides on and provides full, colourful coverage for a glowing, modern look, which showcases pure Hollywood glam.  The complete range has everything from  luxurious mattes to rich metallics making it the perfect choice for pouting lips, whether you’re sipping coffee with friends at work, or blowing kisses on an exciting night out !!!!

Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick’s colour stays vibrant and in place. With a soft structure bullet, it glides onto lips like satin without harsh tugging or pulling for a clean, noble, and sophisticated look. Apply it by dabbing onto lips with your finger tips for a soft, natural look, or slather it on straight from the bullet.

For something a little different, try adding drama by combining with one of their Stiff upper lip stains or go all out for shimmery, wet look lips just screaming to be kissed with their lucrative lip gloss.  At just £12 its nothing less than a bargain !!

Take a look at the complete range by clicking on the Link.  You’re sure to find a shade you like and probably a bargain.  Presenters often get the opportunity to discount at parties as well as other offers and free gifts for orders over certain values.

MAC Lipstick “Rebel” £15.50

If you’re not confident enough for a “shocking pink” or it isn’t your favourite shade, then why not try something from MACS range – maybe the “Rebel” shade, I’m wearing here ?   This range comes in literally rebelhundreds of shades, so even if this one isn’t for you, then there’s definitely going to be one for you.  Formulated to shade, define and showcase the lips and effortless to apply. It goes on well, stays put on the lips and doesn’t flake like some of the other Mac lipsticks I’ve had in the past.

All fired up 3The other thing I noticed about it was that the bullet kept its shape well when I applied it directly onto my lips.  Not a big thing, but I always think that lipstick looks a bit tired and untidy when it loses that chamfered edge and it also makes it a little more difficult to keep definition.  You can easily get round this by using a lip brush or liner though.


Palladio “Cosmopolitan” £10

PalladioAlthough you may not have heard of this brand before in the UK, it’s worth stopping by either their website to check out their range and then heading over to Amazon  to buy it. As well as being one of the cheapest ones that I looked at, their lipsticks are available in 33 different shades and really feel good on the lips (they do a wine berry and a brownie one that you could almost eat)

As you can see in the picture, the cosmopolitan shade I tried dried lighter on my lips than I was expecting, but the Palladio 2effect was still pretty striking with a pleasing sheen.  I personally found the day I used it that the lipstick wasn’t as long lasting as either the Younique or MAC brands and found myself having to re-apply an extra couple of times during the day (remember though it is 1/2 the price) You could fix this by using a product like lipcote to make it stay in place.

Like Younique, you can also highlight your base coat with a complimentary lip gloss for added shine, or if you want a long lasting finish you can use one of their matching lip stains.  I personally wasn’t a fan of the lip gloss as I found it a bit “sticky”  even after allowing it to dry for 5 minutes (lets be honest who has the time for that after every application) which led to me getting flecks and flakes in the finish, leading to me having to take it off.  Although the lip stain again wasn’t as long lasting as either the Younique or MAC brands, I did find it a closer match on my lips to the colour in the bottle.


Nars “Hot Voodoo” £21

Hot VoodooMy friend Emma has a had a long lasting love affair with this make up brand , particularly the lipstick. (Sorry Em !!)  One of the reasons she likes it is that it comes in 5 different finishes (If you’re keeping count MAC comes in 7)

I’ve never been too clear on the benefits of each particular type of finish (or even what they are) but I tried the Semi Matte one for a day.  Unlike the previous brands NARS don’t offer a lip stain product as such, but I found their lipstick lasted pretty much all day.  trans siberianThe only thing that seemed to shift it and lead to me re-applying was a Jam donut I quickly scoffed for a sugar fix before going out later that evening !!!

I have to say, of all the colours I wore for this blog, this one was the most striking and made the most difference to the “shape” of my lips.  There’s something about dark colours which give you more of a pout and exaggerates the lower lip shape. It kinda makes you feel more elegant and chic.   To get the look in the photo, apply it to the centre of your lips and move outwards, filling in the edges with lip liner, moving from the corners to the centre.

4 thoughts on “Summers lipstick low-down !!

  1. Ooh those colours make a statement! I love a bold lip. It’s good to hear the MAC one stayed put going on – I recently tried MAC’s Ruby Woo and was so disappointed with the feathering and how drying it was!

    1. sorry to hear that, its so annoying isnt it when that happens !!!! what do you do withbit if it does that ? consign it to the depths of your makeup bag, throw it away, or keep perservering and buy lipcote ?

      1. I honestly think I would have just put it in my make up bag and ignored it for a year (then had a clear out and got rid of it) if I’d bought it. Luckily, I was trying it on at the MAC counter (with some of their other products) and then went around the shop to see how it wore before making my purchases. SO glad I tried it on before buying although now I wonder if it was an effect of those hygiene wipes they clean the testers with.

      2. I bet you are !!! always a good idea to try before you buy. I always take the time to clean the lipstick too before I try it as well as clean and dry my lips. Its a bit off a pfaff, but given how much they cost, well worth the extra effort !!!

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