Holiday Prep & Beauty Routine

holiday.jpgHoliday season is almost upon us !!!! Where are you planning to go ?  Are you getting excited yet ?

No matter where you’re going, whether its a short or long break to somewhere exotic, or just down to the beach for a days picnic under the local sun, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on your holiday beauty routine to ensure you’re picture perfect for all those selfies I know you’re going to take !!!

First off all, it’s  a good idea to prepare your skin before going away if you’re going to a change of scenery, somewhere tropical for example.  Before you go, you want your skin in optimum tanning condition, so follow this quick guide and check out the products for silky tan ready skin……….

sanctuary body scrubFirst things first, let’s start with the scrubs – body first and then face.  I’m currently using the Sanctuary salt scrub which I get from Amazon here.  I tend to flip around on the ones that I use, but am using this one at the moment principally because I was getting fed up with having an “oil slick” left in the bath after I showered.  At just £8 a pot, it’s also a bargain !!!!

Packed with sea salt flakes, aloe vera and fresh-scented cucumber water, it’s gritty enough to get real purchase on your skin.  I’m finding it cleans my pores out and removes dead skin really well, but it’s not drying at all.  It washes off really well too and leaves your limbs polished, glowing and smooth. Ideal !!!

On my face, I generally prefer something a little gentler and at the moment I’m using Illuminate cleanser.jpgIlluminate Clean Facial cleanser from Younique.  This cleanser comes in two types – the Clean one is for normal / dry skin, whereas the Clear one is for Oily skin. I really enjoy using this in the morning, it washes away impurities and gets my skin glowing with its unique (or should I say Younique ?) blend of ginkgo biloba and the purifying power of horse chestnut.  It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Having soft skin is only part of our preparation though, its a great idea to start self tanning before you go.  This gives you a healthy brown look, with minimal risk, allowing you to build up your time in the sun slowly and safely.  There’s also another benefit in that it protects you getting assaulted by timeshare salesmen, who are lining up to prey on the white and pasty !!! beachfront self tan.jpg

I’m actually new to self tanning, so I can’t really recommend anything to you at the moment, other than the one that I’m using right now.  Which one ? Well, its the one on the left from Younique (I’m not addicted, honest !!)  and its called Beachfront Self-Tanning Body Lotion.  What I have found since using it, is that it’s best to apply onto clean, exfoliated skin with the applicator. It’s best to do this in a circular motion as it helps to get it even and  streak free .

So, with our skin all clean, glowing and tanned, what else is there to do ? Well, for me, the next thing is………..feet…….  Yep, you read that right – feet !!! but why ?

Well unless you live on a beach all the time already – or are from the gold coast in Australia, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be wearing flip flops more than you do normally and well, lets face it, you’ll be wanting to show your toe nails off, won’t you ?


But, lets be honest, we’re on holiday aren’t we ? Will you be content with just Nail polish ? or do you want to glam our nails up ?  Glam ? Of course you do !!!!! If you’re like me and a bit of a clutz when it comes to painting your toenails or trying to do something arty on them – then Jamberry nail wraps are just the thing for you !!! They’re easy to apply and best of all, easy to mix and match – I swear I even managed to find one set that matched a t shirt of mine – that’s co-ordinated !!!! My favourite to wear at the moment is “berry sparkler” but, if you’re looking for something to say you’re going on holiday – how about this one called ‘picnic’ ?    You can learn more at Jamberry’s UK website, or pop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with a party !!!wanderlust.jpg

This ones called wanderlust – doesn’t it just make you want to travel ?   Wherever you travel this year, happy holidays and don’t forget to send me some lovely pictures !!!

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