Benefits of using Rose Water

rose water

It’s time to blossom like a rose !!!! Just in case you haven’t heard about this new offering from Younique, I thought I’d write a short blog about the product, its benefits and how you can get the most from it as part of your daily beauty pamper.

If you’re anything like me, you occasionally browse through the beauty pages of your favourite magazines looking for inspiration for gifts for friends as their birthdays approach and just occasionally buy “one for them and one for me” if there is an offer on.

That’s how I came to get my own bottle of this little wonder.  “But” I hear you say – what’s it for ?  What are its benefits ? What’s the point? What’s it used for ?  I can feel a list coming on !!!

Read enough articles and you’ll believe it can be used for pretty much anything, but leaving aside some of the more outrageous claims I read while doing my research, the ones I’ll be talking about are

  • Healing
    • Rose water has antibacterial properties which help in controlling or reducing acne breakouts.
    • It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help in reducing redness caused by irritated or overheated skin, such as what happens after going to the gym, sauna or steam room,.
  • Aromatherapy
    • It has an aromatherapic quality, which can enhance and refresh moods, relax, promote emotional well-being and help sleep. (try keeping it in the fridge and spraying it on your face on a hot summers day.  Amazing !!!)
    • You can also use it as room freshener, really nice to come home to after a hard day in the office.
  • Face cleansing
    • Younique Rose water works as a cleanser or toner if used after washing your face. Its anti oxidants aid in removing oil, dirt and help clear clogged pores.
    • It  also has astringent qualities help tighten large pores, capillaries, reduce redness and blotchiness.
    • Helps control shine on oily skin.
  • Make up supplement
    •  It helps set powder foundation, control shine and it gives skin a natural glow as opposed to cakey appearance that we often get after using some powdery cosmetics. Apply it to your eyelids before smoothing on some moodstruck mineral powder for long lasting makeup wear.
    • You can use rose water spray on a make-up brush to moisten it before applying your Younique minerals pigment powder.  This simple tip makes the powder smoother to apply and gives a more even finish.
  • Make it yourself cosmetics
    • Rose water makes a great addition to do it yourself moisturiser products.  Try it for yourself and see !!


What are you waiting for ? You’re just a spritz away from a revitalising treat !!  Order here !!!

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