Younique – lip stains

LipstainsOut with the shine and in with the bold !!!  What’s not to love about lip stains ? Ideal for the upcoming pride season and for the after show parties, they are loaded with colour and leave your lips with a phenomenal look that lasts all day and into the night !!

Seriously, whether you’re sipping lattes with the girls, making mwahs with new friends or smooching your way through the evening, these no-smudge, no budge, worry free makeup must haves, provide lasting colour with a smooth matte finish

With seven rich, velvety tints to choose from, the Stiff Upper Lip Stain range from Younique has a color for every day and mood of the week, delivering a spectacular pop of colour for everything from vibrant day looks to seductive night looks.

In order to get the most from your lip stain, its worth taking a little time to exfoliate your lips before you apply it (if you don’t you’ll get a patchy finish, where the stain clumps around flecks of skin) this doesn’t need to be too arduous, I use a soft toothbrush on mine as part of my dental regime. Couple of flicks and I’m generally good to go.

For a night out though – I’d recommend the following

  • Use a lip scrub. A lip scrub helps buff away dead skin cells and make your lips appear smoother and plumper. It will make applying the lip stain a lot easier.   Apply the scrub to your lips using your fingers. Gently massage your lips using soft, circular motions. A few seconds should be enough unless you have very chapped lips, in which case you might need half a minute or so.
  • Wipe the lip scrub off with a damp towel. Soak the corner of a clean, soft towel with warm water. Squeeze out the excess moisture from the towel, then gently wipe the excess lip scrub off your lips.
  • Buff your lips with a soft toothbrush. (remember that bit from before ?) Use a clean toothbrush. This is great for circulation and can help make your lips appear more plump and full.  Once you’re done, pat your lips dry using a lint free cloth.  You’re ready to go !
  • You start by applying the lip stain to your bottom lip. Simply start from one corner of your lip, and drag the applicator or brush to the other. Follow the curve of your bottom lip. Once you have your lip outline, fill the center part in with more lip stain
  • Smack your lips together. Pull your lips inward, so that you can’t see them, and then smack them. This transfers some of the excess lip stain from the bottom lip to the upper lip.
  • Apply the stain to your upper lip. Start by applying the lip stain at the top of your lip. Drag the applicator or brush downward towards the corner. Make sure you don’t forget to fill in the centre part of your lip as well as this is easily done when your working at the corners and applying downwards.
  • Finish by blotting your lips with a tissue. Take a tissue (or paper towel) and fold it in half. Place it between your lips, close your lips and pull them inward.  This creates a rolling motion which helps remove any excess over the entire lip surface. It also helps make your lip stain look more natural.  Open your mouth and discard the towel !!

And that’s all there is to it !!!  However, now you’ve mastered the basics, how about trying something a little more advanced by adding some depth of colour and shimmer ?  It’s not a hard technique and can really make your lips stand out for a party look.

  • Choose a brighter and a darker shade of lip stain than the one you’ve applied.  The goal here is to apply the brighter shade to the outline of your lips, making them “pop” in makeup artist speak.  You add depth of colour, by applying the darker shade to the inner part of your lips. Combined, this will make your lips appear fuller and plumper.
    • Start outlining the inside of your upper and bottom lips with the brighter lip stain shade. Keep the lip stain inside your lip line, not outside. The innermost part of your lips should still have the lighter lip stain color.
    • Blend the lip stain shade in with a lipstick brush. Once you have outlined your lips using the brighter shade, go over your lips with a lipstick brush. Focus on the transition line, right where the two shades meet. This will create a smoother transition, and make your lip stain look more natural.
    • Apply the darker shade to center part of your lips using a lipstick brush. Gently dab the lip stain on using a soft, tapping motion. Focus the color on the inner part of your mouth, and work your way to the center of your lips.
  • Consider adding a dab shimmer on the center of your bottom lip. This will help make your lips appear plumper. Choose a light pink, shimmery shade, and tap it onto the middle of your bottom lip. This will help give your lips that finally touch of luscious fullness

Just in case you can’t make any sense of the sassy names Younique use for their products, I’ve provided the following guide below, as you can see from the graphic above, the colours compliment each other nicely, so if you’re looking to try the advanced technique, you’ll be sure to have the shades you need :-

  • Sappy—Classic Pink
  • Saucy—Warm Coral
  • Shy—Soft Pink
  • Skittish—Bright Pink
  • Sleek—Rich Burgundy
  • Sultry—Bold Magenta
  • Savvy—Deep Plum

Peeked your interest ?  You can order at my Younique page by clicking on this link !!

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