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One of the questions I’m often asked across user forums and via email is, which Transgender magazine is it best to get ?  Well, in my experience, best is a relative word, which will have different meanings for all of us, depending on our personal preferences.  So rather than recommend a magazine, the table below gives answers to the kind of questions that I typically get asked.  Hopefully, this helps you make the best decision for you.

Some things to bear in mind.

  • Prices were correct at the time of article publication.
  • This is only a review of the magazines, there are a number of support sites and online forums which offer useful news and information.  I’ll get round to reviewing some of these at a later date.
  • All of the magazines below will offer a free version to allow you to see what you are buying.  Make the most of this offer as the content varies greatly between them and what’s best for you will reflect your personal preferences.  In short, try before you buy !!
  • If you’re still in the closet, an online subscription or access point will make most sense for you.  Although most online magazines can be viewed via your smartphone browser, for convenience and security, an app is best.  If you access via your mobile phone browser, then don’t forget to clear your cache history on exiting.

Beaumont Society

Frock Repartee


Magazine Number of pages


82 68


Editions per year


6 4




Free[1] Free


UK Print Copy


£10.49 [2] N/a [3]


EU Print Copy


£6.99 [4] N/a


Worldwide Print Copy


£2.99 [5]



Back Issues


£3.99 £3.99 [6]


Mobile App IOS


N/a Yes


Android (Incl Kindle)


N/a Yes




N/a No


Other Online Forum

Included in membership

No Free [7]

Included in membership

Email Support


Yes Free


Telephone Helpline

National access number

No Free




No Yes


[1] Access to current online version is free

[2] Cost for a 12 month annual subscription

[3] The last edition of Repartee will be edition 82, after which it will only be an online version.

[4] Cost for a 6 month subscription

[5] Cost for a 2 month subscription

[6] Back issues will be available only as long as stock allows.

[7] Online forum of Repartee is via Roses Forum


Do you have a personal favourite out of the ones I’ve looked at ? Or perhaps I’ve missed one that you like (sorry) let me know in the comments section below !!


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