Skincare for Eczema

Australian oilEver since my early teens, I’ve been used to regular eczema flare ups.  If you are too, I’m sure you’ll recognise these signs of a flare up, dryness, itching, scaling and even inflammation.  But, although my skincare routine is well established now (thankyou Beautyflapper) I’m always on the lookout for something new to try, especially if its a natural product and wont cause further flare ups !!

Earlier this month, a friend of mine told me about a product she had been using for a little while after being introduced to it by a friend.  I love getting these personal recommendations from friends.  Personal, honest and without a sales agenda, you can trust them and even better, see the results first hand !!!  So, what was this new product she had been using ?  Emu Oil…

I know, sounds icky right ?  Bare with me though !!

Emu Oil contains essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 which have been shown to support cell growth and healing, making a great skincare routine for eczema. It also contains sterols, a natural anti-inflammatory which are very similar in composition to the fats in human skin, which help the oil be easily absorbed by the skin and penetrate deep into its layers making it an amazing skin moisturizer. Australian Emu oil

The product itself comes in two forms a dry oil and cream.  I got a sample of each product from, the links for the each being at the bottom of the page.

I’ve mostly used the oil on my hands and shins, which is where my flare ups tend to be worst. It’s a light weight dry oil which absorbs super fast and being that it’s a dry oil, it leaves behind no oily residue. I have been using this directly on any flare-up and instantly the area is moisturized. I definitely noticed a reduction in inflammation on my shins and hands where my eczema is mainly present. Although it hasn’t cleared up the patches, (I have to say I didn’t expect it to) there has definitely significant improvement in the itchiness and dryness, which has helped me sleep through the night.

I’ve mostly used the cream as a night cream on my face, as I was a little nervous about putting the oil on it there, because of the strength of the product.  My face can easily react to new products with intense formulations and so I always find it best to err on the side of caution. In use, the cream isn’t too heavy to use and is easily absorbed and moisturises well, but leaves a bit more of a resdue than the oil.  After a week of use, I noticed an immediate plumping of my skin, which reduced the lines around my eyes.  Not bad for a first week and something I’ll definitely be using regularly.

You can view the products and reviews on Amazon, by looking at the below links

Emu Oil

Emu Cream

Happy beautyflapping !!!


2 thoughts on “Skincare for Eczema

  1. Ahh I didn’t like emu oil! It didn’t do anything for my eczema but I wonder if I purchased a low quality brand because I love other oils now! I just trialed and errored a few and found a mix my skin likes. Natural healing has definitely been the way forward for me 🙂

    If you don’t like placing oils on your face as a moisturiser, try the hot oil cleanse method for cleansing, I love it! It takes make up off and has helped to heal my cracked eczema around my mouth. Because you wash it with the cloth you get rid of the oil and grease but leave a nice level of moisture so that the face doesn’t feel tight and for me that’s been great! Balm cleansers are less “greasy” too. I’ve reviewed a few on my blog 🙂 the suti balm cleanser, the organic pharmacy carrot cleanser and my own oil cleansing method

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