Zen and the art of Work


Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of time you spend at work ?  I’ll bet its quite a lot of your week.  Seems kindof a shame if you aren’t getting the most of it. But work doesn’t seem to be the place for Joy and generosity does it ? Do those words fit in with your companies image and expectation of you ? So how can you balance this and find your inner peace at work of all places ?

The practice of mindfulness can offer an answer, not only to help us stay in balance but also to ensure we are able to see our work in the context of creating a better world. But how can this impossibly simple art of bringing our full attention to the present moment and our breath possibly help ?

When we learn how to address our strong and often negative emotions and establish good relationships at work, our communication improves, stress is reduced, and our work becomes much more pleasant.  This benefits not just us, but also our work colleagues, loved ones, families, and society.  By taking care of the present, you are doing everything you can to assure a good future.

So how can mindfulness help at work ?  How can we integrate it into our work routine ?  Well, try these simple steps… And let me know how you get on !!!

  • Start the day with meditation.  10 minutes is enough, just sit, breathe. Nothing more. nothing less
  • Take the time to enjoy breakfast at home.  Think about what you are eating.  If you eat with your family, take the time talk to one another.
  • Don’t think of time as “my time” and “work time.” At the start of the day you were given the gift of 24 new hours,  time has no owner and all time can be your own time if you stay in the present moment.
  • Find a calm area at work to sit and breathe. Take regular breathing breaks to come back to your body and to bring your thoughts back to the now.
  • At lunch time, don’t eat lunch at your desk, change your environment and go for a walk.
  • If you feel anger or irritation, refrain from saying or doing anything straight away. Come back to your breathing and follow your in – and out-breath until you’ve calmed down.
  •  Share with work colleagues your appreciation of their positive qualities.
  • Take the time to relax and restore yourself before you go home, so you don’t bring negative energy or frustration back home with you.
  • At the end of the day, keep a journal of all the good things that happened in your day. Water your seeds of joy and gratitude regularly so they can grow

Well, that’s what I try to do – what about you ?

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