Jamberry Nails – UK launch coming soon !!!

Jamberry 2If like me, you make regular trips to Facebook land through the day, then you’ll almost certainly have noticed like I have, that Jamberry Nails are coming to the UK soon – April in fact !!

A friend of mine, the lovely Jennifer, held an online party last year and asked if I’d be interested in attending .  Curious, I said “sure why not” and spent an hour in an online party chatting with some women about the designs, sharing thoughts, playing games and ultimately deciding to buy a set of four, nail kit and also an application heater.  I bought mine directly from Jennifers online shop and within a week, thanks to another friend (Thankyou Tina !!!) I had everything I needed to get started.

If like me you are a bit clumsy with a nail polish brush, you’ll appreciate not just the designs, but also how easy they are to apply.  Take a look at their official video to see just how easy they are to apply.  They’re a little like transfers to apply, which you can apply over false nails (Ideal if you bite your nails like me) or even nail polish too.  To date, I’ve only ever applied mine over clean nails though and have always been pleased with the results.

The designs are fashionable too and with so many to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something you like.  I personally tend to go for the plainer ones or understated designs, as they’re easier to wear around the office, I haven’t tried anything too outrageous for a Friday night yet, but who knows ?  Maybe one day when I’m a bit braver !!!

Anyways – let me talk you through the kit I bought and what’s included.

Jamberry 11

The deluxe nail kit comes in a purply durply bag and contains two really high quality scissors, nail clippers, glass nail file and cuticle pusher and quite good value at $40 (I’m not sure what the UK price will be when they launch)  I also bought myself the nail oil, cleaner and a total of four wrap sets ( I paid for 3 and got one free for about $45 and for that I got a free application heater too).   I’ve laid parts of the kit out in the photo on the right and also the pictures of wraps in the gallery below.

After a couple of months wearing them, I’m convinced the $45 was money well spent.  Sure, it might seem an expensive luxury, but when you consider that a manicure can cost the equivalent of $20 and doesn’t have as many variants as you can make with the wrap sets, then its very easy to see how it quickly becomes value for money.  Like a manicure with false nails, they stop you biting your nails in boring meetings (I’ve attended my fair share of these) and, the nail oil has really helped to strengthen my nails too.

The first set I tried lasted about a week, which was partly my fault, because I didn’t apply them properly, but the next set I applied lasted really well at just over three weeks.  At that point, I decided to remove them because I fancied a change and wanted to mix things up a little, which is kindof fun.

Although you don’t need any specialist kit to apply them, the heater is definitely worth getting in my opinion and its also a good idea to apply them on the nail with a pair of precision tweezers as it gives you a little more control over their position on the nail.  I found when applying them that it’s better to go for a foil that is a little smaller than your nail if you have a choice, rather than a larger one which can end up snagging or looking untidy.  I found shortly after applying them that they can be a little susceptible to peeling for about the first day after applying them, but after that, they stay put !!  Another positive for me is that unlike false nails, they aren’t applied with superglue, which can be next to impossible to shift and leave the nail weaker when you take them off.

Applying them couldn’t be easier – just three steps and about 15 minutes

1. First lay out all the tools from your pack (so you can pick them up easily)  Then prepare your nails by cleaning them with some alcohol wipes that you can buy from Boots (other chemists are available !!!!) It’s also worth taking a bit of time to work out which foil will fit each of your nails before applying them at this point too.  Remember, oversize Jamberry = is not a good look, so go for a slightly smaller one if you have to make the choice.

2. Cut the foil in half and use the specialist heater (or a hair dryer, it works equally well) to apply heat to the foil. If you’re holding the foil in tweezers, you’ll see it start to soften.  At this point, you’re ready to apply the sticker to your nail as close to the nail bed as possible. Press down at the base of the nail and as you maintain pressure,  slightly stretch the sticker over the top edge of the nail.

3. Lastly, trim the excess off with nail scissors, then use a nail file to file in a downward direction to make sure the foil is exactly flush with the edge of the nail. After I’ve done each nail, I heat every nail again for a few seconds to make sure the adhesive sticks. (You can also use the cuticle stick from the kit or your own fingers to push out any bubbles or wrinkles while you heat them this second time.)

Since I have been using them, I’ve found that if I go commando (on my nails !!!) that when I apply them, they slide over bare nails slightly easier than painted ones.  If you’re thinking of applying them to painted nails, you’ll need to be aware that they stick quickly to the lacquer as the lacquer softens, which can make it really tough to slide them on the nail to get the positioned accurately.   Also: While the stickers are oval shaped to fit most nail beds, there are likely to be some spaces on the side where the Jamberry doesn’t quite cover. I’ve seen methods for getting a perfect fit that involves creating your own stencil set, but I’m just not that worried about it. From a foot away, they look just fine. BUT if you’re a perfectionist, those little spaces could drive you nuts and is the benefit you get from applying them on painted nails.

SO: Are you ready to try Jamberry wraps? Have you tried them already and Loved them or hated them? Either way – show me your sassy Jamicure !!!

Here are my foil kits for you to look at……….tempted ?

Jamberry 17 Jamberry 15 Jamberry 16Jamberry 19


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