Seoul Spankings by Anastasia Vitsky

Seoul spankings

This latest novella from Anastasia is a variation on her well established theme of exploring love and romance against a bdsm backdrop.   In this book, you have a fun collision of two different cultures and distinctly different people. Indigo, the nervous, timid tourist abroad for an “interview” compared to the assured, confident Hyunkyung, definitely make for a case of “opposites attract”.

Without wishing to give anything away, suffice it to say their first meeting doesn’t go well, but as the Anastasia explores and develops the characters through the book, you get to understand a little of why, paving the way for you to use your own imagination and let yourself into their world and definition of a one night stand.
This is a fun, well written and crafted book which, if you’re like me and catch the bus into work in the morning is a delicious way of spending time on the  journey.  If you’re new to Anastasias world, I’d definitely recommend it – if for nothing else than the one liners which I’ll leave you a few, before signing off……

◾Kimchi tastes best when served with a side of spanking.
◾”Come I said, and she did”

◾“Say my name the right way,” she said, “and I’ll unzip my dress another few centimeters. Say it wrong, and I’ll spank you with my crop.”

and its follow on

◾“Oh my God.” I writhed. How could she make me choose only one?

If you’re curious about Anastasia and her world of quilting, cookies, spoons and writing, you can catch her at

which also has links to all her publishing outlets

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