Review of moon dance by Michaela Rhua


Having read “Mated forever” by Michaela before, I was full of anticipation for this cute little novella.  When I’m working in the office, I regularly spend time on the bus and little gems like this are perfect for making the journey fly by in a land of excitement and possibilities.  Raya and Amari make a cute couple and there are some really fun supporting characters as well, that really add to the story.   Best of all you get to build on the story yourself with the framework that you’re given by the novella, putting yourself right in the characters shoes.

This is a well written fun love story whose paranormal aspect gives it an interesting twist and mystery.  Raya and Amaris instant attraction certainly keeps the pages turning and the tension caused by Amaris reluctance to get involved so quickly after a painful breakup makes provides an interesting background story which, together with some other twists become to feel real, rather than story contrivances.  (I loved the background secret that affects their romance – but no reveals from me !!)

Their world, of shapeshifters, werewolves and witches is certainly one that I’ll be exploring again soon on a bus ride near you in Bristol and fortunately, with book 2 (Moon Bound) just downloading from Amazon – I’ll be returning to soon !!!

If you’d like to read it for yourself (I’d certainly recommend it) – you can get it on Amazon here


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