Review of Sandcastles by Suzie Carr


The latest offering from Suzie Carr is a departure from her previous style of writing and showcases a confident, maturing author, developing her customary style in order to hopefully challenge readers to ask themselves the question “what if that was me ?”

As you would expect, you get three superbly crafted characters who provide differing perspectives on the books core of how they are affected by potentially life changing news. Each character’s perspective adds a layer of reasoning for the reader to explore and maybe just inspire you too. There’s the conventional one who flipflops between rational and irrational, the alternative, “I need to try something different” one (while not discounting the traditional) and lastly the new age one which takes you out of yourself and challenge “are you taking care of yourself to make the most of now and the future ?” These characters interact with one another through the story, to ultimately affect and influence Lia to change her outlook on life.

Whether you read sandcastles as a story in its own right, or as a catalyst for self improvement, it’s impossible not to enjoy a book of this quality. Not just in terms of the story itself, but also how the characters engage with you. They become real people. They’re sometimes frustrating, sometimes funny, sometimes you even want to shout at them (or was that just me), but ultimately, people you come to care about. I personally found it a very emotional read which made me laugh or cry openly and also think deeply about myself all the time I wasn’t reading it. Hopefully, maybe even changing a little for the better.

Buy it, read it, enjoy it, return to it and treasure it.

One thought on “Review of Sandcastles by Suzie Carr

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