Review of My Happy Ever After by D.K. Linda

My Happy Ever After 2

Talia and Michele’s initial meeting develops quickly into the perfect love story that seems destined to last forever until a tragic incident shatters their world.   A story of love, loss and hope, sensitively told that’s impossible to put down from the minute you pick it up and turn the first page.

Rating 5 out of 5

I was completely captivated by this book from the moment I picked it up.  It’s such a beautiful story so exquisitely written, it’s hard to believe its DKs first foray into writing and that she is unsigned to a publisher !!!  The story is told with such care and detail that the characters just draw you into sharing their perfect moment and you find yourself wanting their happiness every bit as much as they deserve.

The books initial scenes are about finding our soulmate, that perfect person who we can wrap ourselves up in and melt into that perfect moment where time stands still.  In this phase of the story you live Talias and Michele’s hopes and dreams and share their excitement as their lives entwine.  Another lovely feature of this part of the book is the acceptance both characters receive from the friends from being an open lesbian couple.  It’s easy to miss this subtlety of their relationship and a really nice addition.

Then, we live that life changing moment where everything changes for Talia, a jarring event that changes her world forever.  Although I have been lucky not to experience loss like this, this part is written with such care and sensitivity that you get a real sense of the numbness and emptiness that overwhelms Talia following events.  By the time it happens, you’re so immersed in the story and characters that if you’re anything like me, you reach with one hand for the tissues while the other reaches for your phone to call her and share “I’m so sorry for your loss, is there anything I can do ?” This part of the story sets the ending the story is named after perfectly.

The last scenes are about Talias efforts to rebuild her life for the future.  A powerful reminder that none of us know what tomorrow may bring, and to “live in the moment” I really loved the sense of hope for Talia that the book leaves you with.  I couldn’t recommend this book highly enough to people.  It’s a must have for your Kindle as I’m sure the rest of her work will be in time.  I’ve got everything crossed in hope that her next offering is about Talia “learning to love again”, but even if it isn’t, I’ll be sure to keep a look out for it and eagerly buy It for my Sunday morning read.  In the language of kindle readers “move to archive ?” I don’t think so !!! I’m sure to come back to it again and again.

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