January, the month of bad news……………

Has anyone else noticed that January is a month where bad news tends to collect ?  I mean, come on……….

  • January 1st – the worst hangover ever………… (Don’t deny it)
  • January 2nd – return to work (for most people)
  • January 15th – Probably the time our new years resolutions start to look a bit shaky……..
  • January 20th – When the Credit Card bill arrives, with the new years sales bill………
  • January 30th – Winter weather starts to take hold

Hang in there people, summers coming, but in the meantime, here’s something I wanted to leave you with from a friend of mine, the lovely Alice Purnell

All too often words fail when a hug can say more. I know this as a nurse and as a counsellor. If only we could always find the right words or be able to hug those we love who are hurting. It would be great if they were able to realise that a hug might help  the healer. Sometimes life is hard – we can only do what we can, but I ask myself so often why do we forget to be real?

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