Transgender Laundry



So, today has been a strange day……

The glamour of being a working woman has caught up with me at last and I’ve had to do piles of laundry today, so I’ve had lots of computer time to catch up on posts and emails etc.  But in between loafing on the computer, two things happened that made me smile…

Firstly my neighbour knocked on the door and asked if I had any washing tablets, “come in I said, sorry about the clothes, I’ve run out of space in the communal area and have had to hang it up here”.  “Not a problem” he says and he stands nervously in the hallway as I go to the kitchen and get some tablets for the washing machine.  “Here you go I say” walking out into the hallway to pass them over.  I find him holding up one of bras just before he says to me “I wish my wife wore something like this” .  Why don’t you by her one then ? I casually throw in.  “Oh she’d never wear something like that, it pushes them up to much, she thinks that makes her look slutty”  Thanks !


Just when you think the day cant get any weirder…….  I’m out in the communal area bringing my washing back and the lady who looks after my flat while I’m away comes over as I’m trying to work out what’s going on with my socks (I wash 5 pairs, hangout 5 pairs but only have 3 left)  She comes up to me and asks “everything ok dear ?” to which I reply “Not really, I’ve lost some socks”  and she replies “Whys that a problem ? Shouldn’t you be wearing tights in this weather ?”  “uh, guess you’re right, but that’s not the point really” I splutter and she finished me off with “if you think about it, it really is”  Class !!!

I’m sure its nothing compared to some peoples most embarrassing trans moments while being out “en femme” – why not tell me about yours ?

Love and strength


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