Have some respect (for yourself)

With my past and lifestyle, it would be pretty hypocritical not to be tolerant and accepting of most things, but there are some things out there that just make me wonder !?!!!?!?!?

It’s a bit like that with some of my trans friends, they’re the first people in the queue making the case for trans rights and flaming on a particular issue when someone or an organisation slips up. (I’m not arguing against highlighting these cases, but, you have to react appropriately people. Often its a simple mistake, sometimes, you need education, rarely do you need to abuse back)  I admire their passion though – its a great thing to see people believe in a cause and speak up.

For me, equality and diversity starts with tolerance, and through education leads to acceptance. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and play the long game with education, compassion, understanding and support. Nerves of steel also help as does having the skin of a rhino (try doing that and moisturising 3 times a day)

It made me wonder though when I’ve looked at some of these people who are the first to shout “abuse” and the need for respect. So, I did some fairly unscientific research on a post recently and found that out of 12 people that had posted saying that an article showed a lack of respect for trans people. 4 had profile pictures of them on all fours in their underwear on a bed. Another two had profile pictures of just their legs in stockings or tights. 3 people didn’t even have any pictures or bio information on the page (this might be because I wasn’t following them though and their posts are private, so you have to discount these)

Obviously it’s none of my business what people post on their profile and how they choose to present themselves. But I can’t help but wonder, how do you make people believe you’re worthy or deserving of respect if you don’t appear to respect yourself ?

It’s also struck me as weird that a number of these people that shout out and

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