I’ve got some pretty amazing friends – I’m constantly staggered at what they’re able to achieve and still have time to listen to all my babble. Even more amazing is that they care and are prepared to after all these years. I often say thanks to them on twitter and facebook, but one person I really wanted to say thanks to was my dear friend Zoe, she’ll be too modest to take credit for all the help she gave me on a particular day in July. She’ll even be too modest about when she’s helped me with my makeup – or the endless advice she’s given me. She’ll also deny all knowledge about starting the nickname of “chick” that I’ve picked up. but that’s the lovely thing about Zoe, I can ring her up, she’ll pick me up and never drop me. Thanks for being in my life and being a really REALLY important part of it.

When she’s not helping me with my dippy moments (it’s hard to believe they don’t completely monopolise her time) She’s also a really successful businesswoman – check out her website at or follow @beautyflapper on twitter. She’s a really special lady and on this rainy day in October, I thought it was a really good time to say thankyou.

Who is that special friend in your life ? Speed dial number 2 on your phone ? (i’m assuming no 1 is your ansaphone !!!)

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