Christine Macdonald #inspiration #girlcrush

Christine Macdonald

Most of my friends know how good a friend this woman is, as well as what she means to me. Even if we haven’t actually met and we’re just digital friends, you’ll have seen me tweet and post in facebook about her latest blog post, how its made me feel and my amazement that I know her.

Someone asked me why though yesterday and I was genuinely taken aback. I asked them “haven’t you read any of my posts and what she says ?” For a moment, it seemed that in criticising her, my friend was questioning not just my friends but the people that I hold close and dear to me. So I explained………

I’ve read everything Christine has written, followed every post and journeyed with her adventure and efforts to produce her book. Damnit, she’s not just a friend – she’s a role model for me. I love the way she writes, drawing on her past life as a stripper, sharing the lessons she’s learned, the battles she’s faced. Her blog reflects her past life, its naked, raw, exposed, laid bare before you and you need to do the same if you’re to read it and benefit from it. It’s not a work of fiction, its real and you should treat it with respect.

All too often we get fed plastic celebrities by the media, who present a polished image of perfection that is as impossible to achieve as it is false. Christine nor I would ever say she or I am perfect, we make mistakes, we frick up royally sometimes, but we dust ourselves off, apply foundation and mascara and get the job done. We survive, live and thrive. I don’t want my role models to be fake, I want them real, genuine, accessible, believable, human.

Through reading Christines blog and talking to her, I’ve learnt to face myself, challenge myself, confronting issues that I never knew I had a long the way. I’ve needed a role model to do that, someone who wasn’t perfect, someone who had lived and seen life from the other side of the fence. It didn’t need to be the same as mine, it needed to be someone who I could relate to and who could show me a way through it was possible, I didn’t even need them to show me that way.

Have you ever noticed your friends don’t do that ? The good ones are there when you need them and support you through the bad times, sure, but this is different. You even get the friends who tell you what to do and try to take control. I once asked Christine what she would do and she told me plain – I’d sort that sh*t out !!

OMG she said, you have a #girlcrush !!!

Now she was teasing me. I thought about it and replied “So what if I do ? I’ve worn lots of labels over the years which people use to judge me, I could do a lot worse than that one. Jealousy’s not a pretty colour on you by the way”

Check out Christine for yourself at , or follow her on twitter at @thatgalkiki –  it will be the best thing you do this weekend.  Promise x

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