Breaking up is hard to do


It must be something about this time of year, three couples I know have decided to break up and all three have ended beyond acrimoniously.

Two, everyone was expecting, neither couple had been doing well for a while and it was almost a relief for all their friends when they decided to part ways. The trouble is though, friends have become like posessions to be divided up and awarded custody of in the aftermath. You become part of the break up, how do you not choose sides ? How do they not force you to ?

The most recent one was one that caught me out, I never expected these two guys to break up. Not in a million years, She’s incredible, just blow your mind incredible with the amount of compassion and love that she has to give. He’s a pretty cool guy too, on a journey of discovery, which you can’t help but wish him all the best with. They seemed so happy, but in reality weren’t and the ensuing breakup has been terrible for everyone that knows them.

The good thing is that all three couples have survived that initial break up and taking lumps out of one another. The hard part now starts, building lives of their own and helping them all through it.  If only there were rules for this sort of thing,  I guess there are, they’re called damage control ?

2 thoughts on “Breaking up is hard to do

  1. Breakups between friends is always hard. I have had two breakups (that were actually pretty bad) were I stayed friends with all of his friends. And with both break ups I am still friends with my ex’s friends. Maybe at first it was weird but, i realized as being the one that was sort of putting people in the middle is that if you have became legitimate friends with people which happens over time, you don’t want to lose them and you do what you can to stay friends with each other. Sometimes when your friends break up with their others you could really careless about staying friends with the other person. I think its just sort of a day by day thing. Good luck!

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